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With this post,  TTT completes a month. It is a festival time, so what better prompt than about the festival of lights. 

The rules are simple:

  • Write a story, complete in itself.
  • Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Copy and paste your Story URL to the inLinkz list.
  • The story should be up to 250 words.
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Write a short story with Diwali as the backdrop, without using the word ‘Diwali’ explicitly. Happy Diwali! 


The Flames



pic credit pixabay.com

Dia’s tried recreating the festive day in the foreign land by making the rangoli and cooking the festive delicacies. 

She started lighting the lamps and remembered how the flames plotted her first meeting with her husband.

It was a perfect backdrop; The stars enviously looked down from their celestial abode, lamps illuminated the streets, sweets smell wafted through the air, the firecrackers burst in the background. With her mehndi colored hands, she was bursting crackers, when her red dupatta caught fire. That’s when Dia met Raj for the first time. He calmly doused the fire. His calmness won her heart over, that day.

They fell in love, got married, and migrated to Canada for ‘a better future’.  

The bell rang and broke her reverie. After lightening the last lamp, she opened the door. Raj was standing at the doorway. His expressions changed as he looked at her. Seeing him leap through the air, she realized that her dupatta had caught fire. After dousing the fire, he passionately hugged her. His passion won her heart, all over again.

She silently thanked the flames for illuminating her heart once again. 


  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    Sweat tale of love and romance. Well done.

  2. Mary says:

    I would dare to say; you created the whole universe in a short story. Thanks a lot.

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  4. Akshata Ram says:

    This was like a bollywood movie, liked the story of romance rekindled.

  5. geekanika says:

    talk about romance rekindled, quite literally 😉 well done

  6. Their love for each other has grown stronger over the years.. A beautiful love story, Priya.

  7. Lavanya says:

    Lovely story but dear careless Dia is a fire hazard. Raj would do well to always have an extinguisher around.

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