A Couple of Micro-Fiction

The Colors of rainbow…

Smiling, Anjali took out her box of crayons and colored the rainbow drawn on a yellow paper. The rainbow was made of myriad of colors, “there are more colors in rainbow than there are stars in the universe” she enthusiastically tells her teacher. The teacher smiles halfheartedly. She feels sorry for an eighteen years old talking like this. Anjali smiles back, feeling sorry for everybody, for they couldn’t see the world the way she could.


Trails of the Past

“If only I could go back to who I was”, she thought, looking at the steps behind in the sand. She got inundated by the memories, she sat down and tried to find the trail of the past. She realized that the complication didn’t arise from nowhere, she had allowed it, or welcomed it with open arms, she created it. “Let it be”, she left it on fate, on destiny- something she never believed in. But now, it felt convenient- to leave it to fate for a while and do nothing.



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