Kaleidoscopic dreams

kaleidoscope-2688923_960_720Her hazel eyes close, she asks her mother to be with her in her dreams. “I feel safe when you are there, Ma”, Dia looks at her mom, as mother lovingly tucks her in the bed. “Yes, I’m always there”, she always says. Yet Dia never finds her mother in her dreams. Mother sings her favorite lullaby, and she drifts to sleep. Tonight she is inside a glass door- a humongous door. She can hear her mother singing on the other side of the door. “Ma!”, she cries. “Come honey!”, mom replies in her mellifluous voice. And the door opens smoothly. She steps inside, carefully, as if she has been there earlier. She sees her reflection everywhere. The walls, the ceiling, everything is made of mirrors. Thousands of her reflection- all looking the same, yet different. She doesn’t like what she sees. All having the same ‘lost’ look on their faces, yet something is different. In one of them she is wearing her favorite pink dress, in the other she is holding her doll. Then there is one reflection which has a scar on her palm. She is scared, she doesn’t look herself in the eyes. The reflections shift suddenly, slowly they shatter one by one, right before her eyes. Myriad of colors emitting from them are captured by a rainbow, which finds its way inside her eyes. She slowly takes a few steps back, and then starts to run on the other side, door she has come from has disappeared. But a labyrinth awaits her. She knows her mother waits for her, somewhere around the next corner. And she resumes her journey again, with a rainbow in her eyes.

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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge   


12 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopic dreams

  1. You kept my interest going right to the last word and left me wanting more. Your description is so vivid I could imagine it all clearly. Nice write enjoyed it.
    dropping by from the WT challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed it Suzy.
      Tried leaving a comment on yours, it didn’t allow me to. will try again, will find a way to break the pattern


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