Her Eyes


When I met her first
I saw her eyes….
So calm & tender.
Innocence residing on pupil,
and Congeniality on lashes.
Sparkling with a dream
the world could stop on its single wink.
Soothing when they fix on u,
and lovable when they look away,
hard to believe such eyes exist…

I met her yesterday,
and saw those eyes again….
So deep & melancholic.
Now, fear residing on pupil,
and vulnerability on lashes.
Helpless, like a bird without any wings.
Shunning the world with a frequent blink.
Moving away soon as they catch on you,
and pitiable as they look away.
Hard to imagine what made her change that way…

I met her again
and saw the  eyes…
devoid of any residue of pain,
so confident but cautious.
Now, hope residing on pupil,
and tenacity on lashes.
Brightening like sun
now nothing can stop her…
Neither an order nor any whim.
Penetrating as they fix on you,
and mysterious while they look away.
O! Why she had to change anyway…

#writebravely #WriteTribeProBlogger

I’m aking part in the Write Tribe Problogger Challenge. And today’s theme is Nostalgic.


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