Dream Ship: Journey through Life

Once I made my dream ship,
the first voyager was friendship.
Ship exclusively for journey through life,
with an album of love and an archive.

A beautiful passenger and a lovely day,
it seemed no obstacle could come my way.
With my companion ocean seemed so shallow
and gigantic horizon appeared so narrow.

Islands, scenic beauty, pretty weather
clear sky, fragrant breeze, lucid water,
nothing more that I could desire,
we wanted to stay and forever admire
the beauty that could surpass all,
the serenity could forever enthrall.

Suddenly a whirlpool lured our ship,
soon it was in storm’s grip.
Water poured in, through each gate,
we searched for a boat surrogate.

Unfortunately there was none,
which could take us to our destination.
No one came to hear our plight,
no ray of hope to suggest the light.

We doubted if we could see another dawn
or perhaps would together drown.
Helplessly seeing at each other,
we smiled- at least were together

We clasped each other’s arm
and thought there could be no harm.
We slept in the lap of death, so warm
thus were engulfed by that storm.

That’s how we died in last birth
in this we are separated before death.
God makes us meet to separate,
I pray in next we may congregate.

#writebravely #writetribeproblogger

I’m participating in write tribe problogger challenge. 

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