An Archaic world


Year: 2000 BC

Place: Egypt

Oseye, the little princess was standing on the palace’s balcony. Her room had the best view of the 3 great pyramids of Giza. She remembered her trips to the Khufu’s pyramid, and how mysterious and glorifying the pyramids were. She was amongst a privileged few to be allowed inside the chambers and the cavities of the great pyramid. She saw the biggest statue of God ‘Ra’ and King Khufu. Instead of being awed, she felt revolted.

As she gazed in the horizon, the beautiful and enigmatic Sun god ‘Ra’ was setting. Oseye didn’t understand this world. People believed this huge burning ball was their God, but she didn’t. Her mother Queen Tabia had reprimanded her time and again not to doubt their God. Her mother told her a story about Ra, and that he had a secret name, known to nobody, except to the Sun god himself. This secret name was key to his power. “He’s the most powerful God Oseye! You don’t want him to be upset, do you?”, her mother, “the Queen” chose her words carefully. Oseye still wondered why all the important Gods were male? Why Female gods were often the side-kicks.

No matter how much she pouted and fretted, nothing changed as per her wishes. Her father, the King of Egypt, should have understood her. But he didn’t, nobody did. And this annoyed little Oseye. She always argued, “When I become the king, I will change this”. Her parents laughed and said. “You can’t be a king darling, however, you can be a queen”. This irked Oseye even more. She told herself that she is going to change the discriminatory rules of this archaic world.

As she grew up, she believed in herself. She learnt all the skills that a king needed to learn. The art to fight- to defend herself, her kingdom and her people. She learnt to seek wisdom, she started travelling to far away places. She learnt the architecture and she vowed to make the most exotic and the largest pyramid. Her plan was simple- get training, become ‘the king’, change all the gods and call them goddesses, and make an enormous pyramid for herself.

On her 16th birthday, before her coronation Oseye was taken for an obligatory ceremonial bath in the sacred river Nile. On her trip to Nile, she saw poor kids. She had never witnessed poverty before. She wondered, why kids had torn or minimal clothes? Why people didn’t get food? Why did people suffer? She realized that she owed to her people. Her Egypt didn’t need another enormous pyramid, but her people needed food, shelter, and pride. The world didn’t need female gods in the heaven, but needed equality in her kingdom. In that moment, she knew that the Gods would take care of themselves. As she completed her ablution, her spirits seemed clean too. She had a new plan to change the ‘archaic world’.

I am taking part in and today is the first day of the challenge. Today’s letter is ‘A’. You can read my other posts-  Crush, BlueprintDazzled, Eyes

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