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Z to A- Connecting the Dots


Anna stood in the palace where it all began. Anna knew that the suspects would be reluctant to show up today, hence summoned them through City Sheriff office. Rob informed Anna about the arrival of the suspects. Barring two police officers inside the hall, a larger squad of police was waiting outside the palace, ready to apprehend the killer.

Anna started, “I am glad you all came, not coming would have clearly given it away. Tom, you looked very confident when I first met you. Not so confident today. Are you?  Amy, you pretended somebody you are not, apparently to hide your jealousy and treachery behind the madness.

Mr Clark- everyone suspected you. Mrs Smith changed her will to name you as the inheritor of her estate just few days before her murder. You are the biggest beneficiary, which you claimed you were unaware of. Your sock, which you thought drained out, was found in the drain. We identified it as yours from the pictures of the fateful evening”.

“Absurd, I did not do anything”, said David who was visibly perturbed by the accusation.

“How do you explain the DNA touch report which confirms the sock which had Susanne’s blood strains over it belongs to you? The will clearly is the biggest motive”, Anna charged.

“Arrest him officer, he is the murderer”, Anna screamed.

“No. He didn’t.” Olivia broke down.

“It was me. He was just trying to save me”, Olivia confessed.

Olivia spoke between the sobs, “It was my plan. I made him go after Susanne, sell her art at higher price. I used the money to help Alex in his business. Slowly Susanne and David fell for each other, I didn’t expect that. I asked David about him and Susanne, he skirted by telling me that he was doing only what I asked him to do. On that fateful evening, just before 12 o clock, I didn’t see Susanne or David around. I went to look for them and found them making out in the guest room, next to the living room. Seeing them together, something got over me. I got the meat knife from the dining table and went inside the room. They both sprang to their feet. Before either of them could react, I stabbed the knife right through her heart. While falling she held David’s foot. She wanted to say something but died on the spot.

David was shocked, and I also froze after that. Perhaps, he still loved me and didn’t want me to go to jail. He decided to help me. As luck would have it, just then the living room lights were turned off to usher the new year. While people were still dancing, I quickly washed the knife and placed it back at its place, that’s the reason the murder weapon wasn’t found. David washed himself and drained out the sock. When I came out, still nobody was around and then I shrieked in Susanne’s voice. The lights came back on in a few moments.

I didn’t want to kill her. I couldn’t see him stealing my husband. That note and the mail was sent by me to mislead you. He is innocent.”

Anna retorted, “I knew that you were the mastermind, but he isn’t innocent either. After arriving here on the murder night, incidentally I had to use Susanne’s jacket. In which, I found a crumpled paper. It was from Susanne’s diary. Something was scribbled on it, but not legible. Yet I learnt that she must be maintaining a diary. Next morning when I came to the palace, I looked for the diary and found it in a hidden drawer. I learnt from the diary what she thought about you all. She was remorseful that she took credit of Amy’s song and hence decided to name the other house in Amy’s name. In the Diary it was written how Olivia had confronted her after the Paris trip with David. Though when I asked Olivia, she lied that she never confronted Susanne, which was enough to doubt her. The new will which I found from the Sussane’s drawer and her diary made it clear to me that David should not be the culprit.

When the IP address revealed your address, it wasn’t difficult to find out who the culprit was. All the evidences were against David, and none against you Olivia. Left with no other options, I needed your public confession to accuse you. That’s why I called you all here to be witness to it. Your confession actually helped me to connect all the dots from Z to A.”

Immediately after, Olivia was taken in the police custody. David too was taken into custody as he was an accomplice to the crime.

The End. 

*This is the chapter # 9 of the series Murder in a Palace



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if you go through the first chapter you would know. She was clearly the prime suspect.




You are Dead

Next morning when Anna woke up, she made herself a strong coffee. She turned on her laptop to check her mails. She got an email “you are dead” along with a gif.

youre dead wednesday addams GIF

She smiled, she was enjoying the game. She called cyber cell and gave them access to her email id to nab the sender. The cyber cell informed that the IP address of the previous email was not yet disclosed by the VPN service provider yet. They told Anna that the company asked for a written instruction from the National Cyber Crime Unit head-office. They also confirmed that her gif was opened but using the VPN. So, programming the gif didn’t work.

Anna drove to David’s house one more time as she had to ask him questions which she couldn’t ask earlier.

She rang the bell, and David opened the door. He guided her to the living room.
Anna started, “Everybody suspects you.”
“Well that doesn’t make me a murderer, does it?”, David justified.
“Why is everybody doubting you?”, Anna questioned.
“May be they are jealous. Since I am the only one who didn’t feel victimised by her”, David argued.
“What do you know about Amy and Alex?”, she asked.
“Alex is my brother in law but we don’t get along. I believe he loved Susanne a lot. I don’t know Amy that well to comment about her. If I am right, they are seeing each other. However, I also feel they avoid being seen together as a couple. I think they find solace in each other’s company”, David answered, and Anna detected hint of sarcasm in his tone.
“What about Tom?”, She interrogated.
“I don’t understand him at all. Susanne was really upset with him. He used to be busy in his own world. He was going around with other women. And used to doubt Susanne”, he replied.
“What do you have to say about the art collection that you sold her?”, Anna came to the point now.
“What about it?”, David questioned back.
“Were they overpriced or not?”, Anna asked.
“They were. They certainly were exorbitantly overpriced. Every other trader does that. This still doesn’t make me a murderer”, David reacted.
“It could be a strong motive. Maybe she got to know about it? “, Anna asked.
“Anna you are crossing line now. I have been cooperative so far. You are accusing me without any base or evidence. Next time we speak it will be with my lawyer”, with that he got up and opened the door, gestured her to leave.
Before leaving Anna said, “Tomorrow at the palace 10 am. With or without your lawyer, your choice”.
Anna picked her bag and left Clark’s house. She called Rob. He was at office with the party pictures on the day of the murder. She told Rob to call all the suspects to the palace at 10 a.m., the next morning.

When Anna reached office, Rob had already stacked all the information Anna had asked for, on the table. She directly went to the laptop to check the pictures of the murder day. She opened her latest software to zoom the pictures. In few minutes only, she found the yellow sock. Handwriting expert also came up with the analysis about the note’s writer. Now touch DNA was the only important report she had been waiting for.
She thought to herself let’s see who is dead now.

to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 8 of the series Murder in a Palace


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Mx. X

Gray and Blue Photo Fitness Facebook Post (1).jpg

She named the Killer Mx X. X as she didn’t know the name of the killer and Mx for Mix as she wasn’t sure about the killer’s sex either.

Anna got a call from Carl, the forensic expert. He informed about the traces of blood found in one of the wash rooms, which matched with Susanne’s. He also told her about a single yellow sock found in the washroom drain pipe, which had blood stains on it. Blood again matched with Susanne’s. He tried to extract DNA from the sock but no hair or skin was found for the analysis. She asked him to attempt touch DNA analysis, as a simple act of picking up an object or touching a surface can lead to the identification and apprehension of a criminal. Carl also informed her what she already had expected, there were fingerprints of so many people all over the place and didn’t pass as evidences.

Next, she called Rob and asked him to arrange the handwriting samples of all the suspects and get them to the handwriting expert along with the threat note that she had received. Rob informed Anna about the call records. No anomaly except some calls made to a public phone booth by one of the suspects.

She checked for the IP address from where the threat email had originated from. She tracked the email but she couldn’t get the real IP address as the user had masked it using VPN service.

She needed a break from all this. She went to take a shower. Warm water refreshed her and suddenly something struck her. She quickly wrapped a towel around herself and ran to her laptop. She typed an email to the sender of the email. Added a gif with the message I’m waiting for your next move.


She encoded the gif image. When clicked on, it could extract the correct IP address, in case the sender had turned off the VPN routing. She also called the cyber cell to help her extract the actual IP address.

Words are windows to mind, words represent thoughts. Anna also looked for word clues, apart from looking for the evidences. Word clues often reveal the behavioural characteristics of suspects. Words could also mislead you, many a times smart criminals might throw red-herrings and even lies. She knew it was important to give the suspects a chance to tell their stories with their truths and lies. This gave her an opportunity to understand the suspects and the reasons of lies. Anna sat with her files, documents, evidences, call records and pages from her diary scattered on her bed. She knew there were some red- herrings as well. Her head was throbbing due to so many dots and numerous unsuccessful attempts to connect those dots.

She stacked all the key evidences against each suspect.

There were several clues against Tom- 1) He was not mourning wife’s death, he even didn’t look sad. 2) His face colour drained, when he learnt about the new will. It appeared like his plan failed 2) He was collecting proofs of David and Susanne’s extra marital affair. Why? 3) He admitted that Susanne wanted divorce, in which case he would be a big loser.

Most of the evidences were against David -1) Everybody pointed towards David. 2) Anna had proofs that David was scamming Susanne in his art-dealings. 3) He had mafia-links, which raised suspicion for the crime 4) Latest legal will of Susanne named him as the sole beneficiary, incase something untowards happened to her.

Clues against Olivia- 1) She said that she forgave Susanne which Anna doubted 2) Anna couldn’t extract much reaction from Olivia about David and Susanne. It almost seemed that it didn’t matter to her.

Clue against Amy- 1) Her call records showed calls on a public booth exactly till the date Susanne died, which was suspicious. 2) Amy was jealous and crazy which was a dangerous combination.

Clue against Alex- 1) He gate-crashed the party and had no other source to corroborate that Susanne wanted him to stay for the party.  2) He pushed susanne to almost death, which he claimed to have no recollection of. 3) Anna’s guess was that the calls that were made to the public booth were for Alex.

to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 7 of the series Murder in a Palace


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The much-awaited meeting with the Olivia Clark since she wanted to talk to her alone. She called Mrs Olivia Clark to check if David was home. Olivia informed that David was out for some work. Anna told her that she was coming immediately.

Anna Roy reached Clark’s house.

The door was ajar, she peeped inside the door and called out, “Mrs Clark?”.
“Come inside”, Olivia announced.
Anna stepped inside the place, it was beautifully decorated. Anna was welcomed by Olivia.
Anna asked, “How are you?”.
“I have seen better days, but I am alright”, Olivia replied. “You can start with your questionnaire”, Olivia added.
“What happened at the party?”, Anna started.
“We all were having fun. Everybody started dancing on the song ‘I keep going on’. We made a temporary stage, put the spotlight, and played the song in loop. Susanne was the first one to start. She pulled me to dance next. It was one crazy night since there were all friends and family to celebrate a special occasion. David was hilarious in his adaptation of MJ- doing a moonwalk. We were in splits when the lights were turned off for the new year. Then we heard a shriek. After a few moments lights were back and we learnt about it”, Olivia recalled.
“How was your relationship with Susanne?” Anna asked.
“Susanne was my good friend since college days, despite being the cantankerous woman that everybody knew her to be. I saw it as her idiosyncrasy. I didn’t judge her for that. We were friends and I accepted this as a part of her”, Olivia answered.
“Despite her marriage getting sour with your brother, you were good friends?”, Anna interjected.
“It soured our relationship too for some time. Initially, I was upset with her after what she did to my brother Alex. I knew her longer and better than others. I knew that she was not bad at heart, however loyalty was not her best virtue. Anyway, since life moves on, I rather chose to help my brother in establishing his business. Over the years, I forgave her”, Olivia replied.
“How was it going between two of you in the recent past?”, Anna probed.
“Life was getting just normal, just as between two friends. That is when I heard from Alex about Susanne and David. I was not shocked since David himself had told me about meetings and some traveling with Susanne related to business. It was when others noticed their frequent meetings and told me, I was upset.”, Olivia answered.
“Why did you go to the party then?”, Anna questioned.
“I didn’t want to. David made me”, Olivia retorted.
“Hmmm… Did you ever confront Susanne about her affair with David?”, Anna interrogated.
“No, but I asked David. He assured me that it was nothing. I had nothing to worry about”, Olivia uttered.
“And you believed him?”, Anna queried.
“I didn’t have a choice or proof”, Olivia admitted.
Anna didn’t have any more questions for Olivia at that juncture. She thanked Olivia and left her place.

As she drove her car, she thought about all the suspects. She had interrogated all the prime suspects. Each one had a motive but gave plausible statements. However, after the statements from all the suspects she was confused- ‘whodunit’.


to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 6 of the series Murder in a Palace


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Vestigial Organ


Tread cautiously. You are walking on a thin line. You don’t want to join Mrs Smith. Anna received an email, another threat? It always meant that the culprit was scared, very scared.

She called Rob and asked him to call Mr Alex Brown to Rob’s home.

She reached Rob’s place. Alex was waiting for her.
“Hello, Ms Roy. I guess I’m here as you guys must be seeing me as one of the prime suspects. But believe me I didn’t do anything”, Alex started before Anna could ask anything.
“Mr Brown, please have a seat. You do not need to worry if you haven’t done anything. So, calm down. And let’s talk slow”, Anna tried to put him at ease, “You care for tea/coffee?”.
“Yes please. Tea would be great”, Alex replied.
Anna waited for Robert to leave to make some tea.
Then she asked, “How did you become homeless?”.
Alex answered, “She was a royal heiress. I was a businessman. I dealt in carpet import. We imported beautiful carpets from around the world. It was going great till our largest client defaulted after a fire in their showroom. A month later, I discovered a financial fraud by my accountant. I fired him and hired a new, expensive replacement. This was followed by a dramatic decline in the price and the demand as new machine woven cheaper carpets became more popular. In no time, I was neck deep in loan. I asked Susanne for help, as we had a joint account. Instead of any help, I learnt that she had cleaned out our joint account. I had to pay last penny from my account to pay off all the debts”, he stopped for the tea served by Rob.

He continued after a sip, “Our marriage was not going well but it was not broken either. One day she served me a divorce notice, unexpectedly. She threw me out of her life, almost like a vestigial organ that has no use anymore. She didn’t think twice.”
Anna interrogated, “Was that the reason you attacked her?”
“I don’t remember attacking her. I was under the influence of alcohol. I don’t remember anything at all. She only told me later about that incident”, he explained.
“Did you love her?”, Anna asked.
“Yes, I loved her. I was shocked. It took me a little while to let go of her, and the idea of her. A part of me still loves her. I guess, a part of me will always love her”, he looked down and said softly.
“Why did you gate-crash the party?”, she asked
“I gate-crashed because I wanted to talk to her. I had to warn her about someone”, he answered.
“Who did you want to warn her about?”, Anna investigated.
“David Clark. I knew she wanted to divorce Tom and marry David. However, I had to warn her that he was not the right man for her”, he looked dazed.
“And you chose the day of party to warn her”, Anna asked.
He interrupted, “I didn’t know she had a party. I learnt about the it only when I reached the palace that evening, and she asked me to stay for the party. Then she got busy with the guests, and I with my drinks.”
“What do you know about David?”, she probed.
“That behind his charming demeanor, David had a perilous side too. His art business was a cover-up for his illicit money dealings with the mafia. I learnt it from horse’s mouth- one of David’s customers, whom I met at a bar. He was not to be trusted. He may be well behind the killing”, Alex revealed.

She needed time to process all the information. Her mind was linking the new pieces of information with threats she received through the email and the note wrapped in stone.

to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 4 of the series Murder in a Palace


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Unicorn Friends

[ br(eakfast) + (l)unch ] (6) (1)

Anna fell asleep in her library, amidst the evidences and her notes. Her subconscious mind seemed to be working, even though she dozed off.

Suddenly, she woke up with a start. She was sweating profusely. She was really exhausted, as she dropped off on the study table without having dinner. She went to the kitchen to have water. Remembering her task at hand, she decided to make herself a coffee for an immediate charge.

With her mug she walked to the balcony, as she needed fresh air.

She stepped on something hard. She picked it up, it was a stone wrapped with a piece of paper. Something was scribbled on it with red colour. She kept her mug aside to read the note. It was a warning for her- “Ms Roy, stay away from Palace case or else…”. Neither the red colour nor the letter achieved its desired effect on Anna. She kept the note in her cupboard, without giving it a second thought. And sipped on her black coffee.

Next morning, Anna went to Amy Scott’s house. She rang the bell, Amy opened the door and invited her in. As Anna walked in, her sharp eyes examined the house. It looked like an ancient place. Amy offered tea to Anna, which she politely refused.

“I hear that you and Susanne were best friends?” Anna started.

“We were. We did everything together. We used to go to movies, shopping, and travelling. We were unicorn friends. I miss my friend. I feel she can come back anytime. She is still here, I can feel her. Can you feel her? Do you have any idea how it feels like? It’s like I can’t breathe properly. Can you breathe? Of course, you can. You haven’t lost a friend.”, Amy blabbered on.

Anna coaxed, “Did you two fight ever?”

Amy started again, this time her words had a ring of disappointment, “Yes, all friends do. She changed after her Grammy nomination as lyricist for a song, which actually I wrote.”

“You say you wrote that song?” Anna interjected.

“Yes, I wrote and shared it only with her. I have proof that I wrote the song. After finishing a song, I copy it on a piece of paper, seal it, and then mail it to myself. When I receive the mail, I don’t open it but just keep it as a record. You can have a look if you want and crosscheck the dates. Yet, she never gave me any credit”, Amy sounded convincing.

“Why didn’t she give you any credit?”, Anna inquired.

“I don’t know. Last year, when she was frequently traveling to Europe with David, I went to New York on long vacation to meet my sister. Actually, Susanne sponsored me partly for this trip or perhaps sent me there on purpose. When I returned after more than a month, my song was already a hit. I questioned her. She had no answer. She just acknowledged me as an inspiration. She never included me, she knew I was broke. I didn’t have money for anything”, Amy replied.

“What was going on between David and Susanne?”, Anna asked.

“The world knows. The young man charmed the old lady, probably for her money. They were going together all the time, and Tom didn’t like this at all.” Amy responded.

“What happened at the party?”, Anna quizzed.

“She threw a success party. I borrowed a dress from her. I didn’t even have a goddamn dress. I loved her, I did. She called me to help her with the party. I was right there when it happened. The light went off, moments before the new year ushered in. We all were counting, laughing, and making all types of noises. The light was off for quite some time. And then we all heard a shriek. When the light came back on, she was dead. Her blood all over the floor. Everybody started screaming, I stood frozen. Someone called police. On Police’s advice, immediately all the doors were closed so that nobody could escape”, Amy elaborated.

“Do you doubt any one?”, Anna asked.

Amy replied, “No, I don’t have doubts on any one particularly. Though I doubt each one of them. I trust no one.”

Anna thought Unicorn friends? Was this lady really crazy? She seemed quite smart. Probably she acts crazy so that people don’t take her too seriously. Anna felt sympathetic towards Amy, yet she couldn’t give Amy a clean chit, not yet.

to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 4 of the series Murder in a Palace


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Twists and Turns

A page from Anna’s Diary

Next morning, Anna reached the palace. Looking sleek in her black trousers and white shirt. The guards neither stopped her not uttered any words, as if they were stupefied by her looks. Though they were not supposed to let anybody enter except the officials, they didn’t check her identity by asking for her badge or identity card.

She crossed the yellow tape and entered the palace. Robert was already there. The chalk outline reminded her of the body lying on the floor, from last night. She asked a forensic expert about the finger prints analysis report, and about the murder weapon. The expert told her that it was going to take a couple of days. She never relied on forensic though, as she believed that killers usually don’t leave their fingerprints. And if you somehow you get some fingerprints, it usually belongs to some innocent person. She saw 6 forensic experts, taking the finger prints from every corner of the palace. She smirked on the frivolity of it all. She knew there would be thousands of finger prints. All the glasses, walls, floor, bathrooms, rooms, curtains, windows. She could understand why the killer chose the day to kill. It would be difficult to find the culprit this way. She realized that the killer was smarter than she had originally thought if this was a planned murder. Hoping no help from the ‘expert team’ to surprise her even this time, she assigned Robert to get the call records of the deceased and all the five suspects.

She reached Susanne’s bedroom and went straight to the closet that she had walked in night before. She looked through each drawer and cabinet. And kept shoving important stuff in the black evidence box, while Robert documented all the evidences picked. She started checking the pockets of trousers, dresses, and jackets. She found several receipts of concerts, plays, tube tickets. She rummaged through Tom’s clothes and cabinets too. She found several bills and concert tickets there too.

She glanced through the evidences collected in the black box. There were enough receipts for her to quickly conclude that Tom Smith was keeping a close watch on his wife. She sensed soon that he was aware of the ‘Fling’ that David and Susanne were having. She checked for more clues. Suddenly, her eyes beamed as she read one of the papers. She turned to Rob and said, “I must see Mr Smith.”

Anna immediately left for the hotel where Mr Smith checked in last night.

It was afternoon by the time she reached the hotel. As walked to the reception, showed her badge, and asked for Mr Smith’s room. The receptionist immediately complied Anna’s instruction.

Anna walked to the room and rang the bell. Mr Smith opened the door with a smile on his face and a glass in his hands.
“Mr Smith, were you expecting me?” she asked.
“Indeed, I was. But I almost forgot how you look.”, Tom tried flirting.
“Mr smith, had I not known that your wife passed away yesterday, I would have assumed you are celebrating something.”
“Well, I am. Celebrating my freedom. I needed it. Do you want to join the celebrations”, he asked gesturing towards the champagne bottle.
“I don’t mind”, she accepted the offer. She thought it was a good opportunity to extract information from a man like him by chatting with him over the drink.
“So tell me Mr Smith,” she asked as she sipped her chilled champagne.
“Tell you what? Let ‘s cut this Mr and Ms thing. Call me Tom. What should I call you?”, he asked.
“Anna”, she smiled, “Tom, tell me. Yesterday you professed your love for your dead wife, today you are celebrating.”
“Yesterday she had just died, and I did love her, but then last night I asked myself why I should mourn her death. She was having an affair with Clark, that bastard. Pardon my French. But they were having the affair right under my nose. They thought I was blind. Well, I knew she was incapable of loyalty. I didn’t care until the day she told me that she wanted divorce. I didn’t want to end up like Brown. So, I followed her around the town. I needed to find the evidence of her extra marital affair. She went with him to concerts and plays, and to other countries under the pretext of buying art. David didn’t love her. He loved her money, ” he hissed.
“Like you?”, Roy interrupted.
“I like beauty with brains. Yes, like me but I was her husband. And I wasn’t wasting her money the way he was. That stupid woman couldn’t tell Picasso from Beethoven”, he said.

“Beethoven?” Roy interrupted.
“Exactly. She didn’t know Beethoven was not a painter but a musician. She was spending millions of monies on that bastard”, he said.
“So you doubt David Clark?”, she questioned.
“I doubt everyone. But mostly yes Clark, and Brown too. Do you know once Brown attacked her in the middle of the road? That drunkard, he almost pushed her to death. Had I not been there she would have been dead, then only”, he finished his sentence and sipped his drink.
“Why did he do that?”, Anna said, sounding surprised.
“You are smart enough to figure out yourself, Anna!”, he answered.
“Mr Roy, I mean Tom, did she share her new will with you?”, Anna asked.
The glass almost slipped out of Tom’s hands, “What will? Where is it?”
“I am sure you are smart enough to figure out yourself. Tom!” she smiled.
“See you soon.” With that Anna kept the glass on the table and left the room, thinking about the twists and turns through the day.

to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 3 of the series Murder in a Palace


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Murder in a Palace

murder in palace

A murder most sinister has taken place. Mrs. Susanne Smith is dead and the onus lies on Anna Roy to find out who the murder is.

Anna Roy is a 29 years old, beautiful blonde. People always judge her by her looks, mostly unaware that she is a formidable sleuth. This often works in her favor. Her charm makes men reveal information which otherwise they wouldn’t. She also charms women to continue talking and not clam up.

She hails from an affluent family and her parents consider her as a failure for not pursuing any respectful careers. Her profession as a sleuth is often mocked at her home. This makes her ready to do anything to prove her mantle as a Sleuth. She is a new sleuth and doesn’t have much experience. So far she got 3 murder cases and she has been able to solve all 3 within 24 hours of the murderer. However, this time the murderer seems to elude her.

She takes herself as a sleuth very seriously. She follows the rules only till they are convenient. She is ready to bend if it favors her and helps to solve the case.

Chapter # 1- Rain starts to Pour…

Chapter # 2 – Shh Sleuth is hunting…

Chapter # 3-Twists and Turns

Chapter # 4- Unicorn Friends

Chapter # 5- Vestigial Organ

Chapter # 6- Whodunit

Chapter # 7- Mx. X

Chapter # 8- You are Dead

Chapter # 9- Z to A- Connecting the Dots


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Shh.. Sleuth is Hunting

A Page from Anna’s Diary

She asked Tom to help her with a towel and some clothes. Tom looked happy to leave the gruesome crime scene and hurried towards the bedroom. Anna followed him.
“I’m sorry for your loss Mr Smith. She seemed like a lovely lady”, Anna took the advantage of the situation and asked subtly.
“She was, indeed. People often misunderstood her, though. She was gentle at heart, had a very twisted tongue though”, he sounded almost convincing. To Anna, almost wasn’t good enough.
“So what happened?”, she asked
“She had many enemies. Half of the people in this room hated her”, he started, but was interrupted by Roy, “but not you?”.
“Err… Not me. No. I loved her. She was my wife.” he said. She waited for him to say something more. They reached the bedroom. He gave her a towel and opened the closet for her to pick any dress she wanted.
“Not that it would fit, but I am sure you will find something”. He lingered for a moment longer than he should have, which was enough for Anna to figure out he wasn’t mourning his wife’s death.

She rubbed her head vigorously. She walked into the humongous closet. Susanne Smith was not fat woman but not as petite as Anna was. Anna took out a red dress, which was a little lose for her figure. It seemed weird to try on the clothes of someone who died an hour ago. She pulled out a leather red jacket, it fit her perfectly. She exclaimed as she put her hand in the pocket, “aha!” She found something.

She came to the stairs. It is easier to observe from up here, she thought. She observed the people standing. Most of them looked sad, some pretended to be, and the rest were pathetic actors- with a big ‘fake’ written on their faces all over. Her sharp eyes were trying to analyse the guilt and scare in their eyes. Everybody looked scared, nobody looked guilty. She knew she had to hurry, it’s going to take much longer than she anticipated. She realized that soon she would have to let everybody go, but before that she wanted to speak with David Clark.

She always wanted to find the culprit right away, on the spot. Though she maintained it was because the case screams when it’s fresh, and the sound weakens or gets lost in the noise with every passing day. She called out Robert, “Send Mr Clark up”.

“Mr Clark.” She started.
‘Ms Roy”, he bowed. She liked chivalrous men.
“What was the nature of your relationship with Mrs Smith”, she chose her words carefully.
“We were friends”, he answered.
“Of course you were, anything else?” She questioned.
“She was my client”, he replied.
“And?” she coaxed.
“And… as you… must have heard from your assistant that we had a fling”, he finally blurted out.
“A fling you say? Nothing serious?”, she pestered.
“It’s complicated”, he tried to dodge.
“I am all ears”, she demanded more.
“At the beginning, she was just a client. For a good 2 months. We were out for an art exhibition in Milan. We liked each other’s company. She told me her weekend plan at Naples and offered I wish to join her. I did. Then you know… one thing led to another. Ever since, there was no looking back. We couldn’t stay away from each other. There were days when she was unsure, and then there were days when I was unsure. Yes, I liked spending time with her. Is that a crime?” he asked.
“It’s adultery. In many countries it’s a punishable criminal offence”, she retorted.
“Well, not in this country. It can be a ground for a divorce. Nothing more”, he was right.
“Your wife never objected? or her husband?” she asked.
“My wife did. And I explained there wasn’t much to it.”
“So you lied”, she asked rhetorically.
He shrugged his shoulders.

There were a few things he was clearly lying about. She held him as one of the prime suspects. He seemed genuine when he spoke about how they had a ‘fling’. However, calling it just a fling gave Anna more reasons to doubt him.
“So, what is your profession Mr Clark?” she asked.
“I deal in art. I buy paintings and art for my clients”, he explained.
“Did she buy this from you?” she gestured at the painting on the wall.
“She did, last month”, he was looking tired.
“And how much did it cost?” she asked
“Approximately $10,000,” he answered.
“Ok, Mr Clark that is all for now.” She dismissed him, she had still questions to ask him. Yet she allowed him to go as she knew he would clam up, she would need to find a better timing and place to take the conversation forward.

She looked at the time. It was 3 o’clock. She asked the assistant to take everybody’s name, phone number, address, security number. They were forbidden from leaving the town and told that they can be summoned or visited anytime of the day. They sent the body for the post-mortem. The palace was declared as a crime scene, hence was inaccessible. Mr Smith was asked to take up a room in a hotel or stay at a relative’s place.

She reached home, tired. Yet, sleep eluded her completely. She could see what Susanne saw in David. Anna found David courteous, chivalrous, charming, intelligent, and polite. Tom, on the other hand, looked quite relieved that Susanne was no more. He professed his love for his dead wife, yet he didn’t shed tears. She opened her diary and scribbled away.

To be continued…


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This is second chapter of the story Murder in a Palace

Chapter  #1 – Rain starts to Pour…

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Rain starts to Pour…

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Ms Anna Roy reached the palace, drenched from head to toe, wearing a yellow dress. She looked beautiful, all men looked at him, though it wasn’t a place to appreciate the beauty. She was at a party, when she was invited to another party which some party pooper had spoiled. As soon as she got the news she ran 5 blocks in the down-pouring rain. She loved to party and hated party poopers. What a start of a new year!

The body was left on the floor. The blood was dripping. It was a cold blood murder. Mrs Smith was murdered, stabbed to death. Mrs Susanne Smith was 55 years old, a princess, and a cantankerous woman. Some of the people present in the room would be happy and the others would be benefited with her demise. Seeing her dead was not shocking, she had made many enemies. Most of them were present on the success party of her debut music album. The song ‘I keep going on‘ was still playing in the background, on loop. It was eerie to say the least. Nobody had the brains to turn it off.

Ms Roy turned it off using a handkerchief. Robert, her assistant, was present at the crime scene and inspected the crime scene. He had already got the murder weapon- a knife, drenched in blood. He made a list of prime suspects. Ms Roy looked at the list given by Robert-

  • Mr Tom Smith: Susanne’s husband of 5 years. He was her second husband, and she was his 3rd wife. By the accounts of the servants of the house they often fought and MRs Smith had asked for divorce. Mr Smith would be the biggest beneficiary after this incident. Not only he wouldn’t need to pay any alimony but also, he would inherit the property and all the other assets that she owned.
  • Mr Alex Brown: Susanne’s ex-husband. They were married for 10 years before one day Mrs Smith (then Mrs Brown) kicked him out of the palace and her life. She never told anybody what happened. Alex came to road, and he was not happy with the situation. He wasn’t invited to the party, but he crashed the success party which coincided with new year.
  • Mr David Clark: Susanne’s art dealer. He used to get her best artwork from all over the world. Tom suspected David and Susanne of having an affair. David could have a motive. Roy decided to talk to him first, but before that she needed to change the dress. She was feeling cold.
  • Mrs Olivia Clark: Susanne’s friend. She was Alex’s sister, and David’s wife. She was suspecting David and Susanne for having an affair, and believed Susanne was responsible for her brother’s miserable condition. She was clearly a prime suspect.
  • Princess Amy Scott: Susanne’s best friend. Still, they often had fight over trivial issues. Susanne was rich, famous, soon going to win Grammy award, while Amy was broke, crazy, and jealous. She was responsible for writing the hit song. However, Susanne didn’t give her the due credit, and this made Amy very furious.

It’s gonna be a long night. “It’s gonna be a long long night”, the song echoed in Anna’s ears.

to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 1 of the series Murder in a Palace



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