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Natures’ perfection or we better call it the pattern, can be seen everywhere around us. Dr. Tanya Jacobs believes that we owe to the creator for the perfect patterns. The purpose of the existence of human being is to understand and marvel at the universe. She takes pride that she is the most talented one in that field. She is the most iconic and the most intelligent mind in the research institute she has been working for last 21 years.

Dr. Tanya is working on the most significant project of her life. She is trying to establish how the Fibonacci sequence is found everywhere in nature, how these patterns are strategically camouflaged around the universe and every part of our life. From the basic bacterial cell to the large cosmic bodies- like galaxies and even beyond. She had a breakthrough when she discovers a logical connection between the Higgs Boson and the Fibonacci sequence. She is busy conducting new experiments about her research. She sees no wrong in conducting the experiments on the rats, spiders, fishes and even human. The body in her lab is the proof of her belief.

Everything that she had researched till now points to the Fibonacci sequence- the flower, pine cones, the shells, starfish, dinosaurs’ fossils. Dr. Tanya has been successful in demonstrating that numerous natural phenomenon followed the golden symmetry of Fibonacci. Human anatomy research is the last leg of her experiments. She is trying to find the pattern in the human body- the length, proportions of the arms, hands. Fibonacci phi present pretty much everywhere in the human body.

A young man’s body lies on the stretcher while Dr. Tanya works on it. The lad was an easy lab rat, albeit one chosen with and for the perfection Dr. Tanya was researching upon. She found the perfect Fibonacci sequence in him. She was superstitious that way, making her look for the perfect human for her final experiments. This lad was 21 years old, lived on the 13th floor of building number-8 on 5th street of block 3 of Orange County 2. Doctor Jacobs invited the young man to her lab. He was inquisitive enough and easily charmed by Dr. Tanya’s persona. After a long interview, when the young man attempted to move, she made him sleep forever with a poison-laced drink.

Dr. Tanya Jacobs experiments on her perfectly chosen subject to discover the blueprint of life.



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53 thoughts on “Blueprint

  1. The fibonacci sequence if you think about it is so mystical. it draws you in. i can totally get why Tanya is obsessed with it. yet another wonderful piece

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  2. An amazing story and research. What wonderful patterns. How tragic that such a brilliant woman could be such a cold-hearted murderer! Brains! Are we stuck with what we have?

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  3. Ending a life to get to know more about life. What an irony and lengths to go for research. Well written.
    B is Bold – Love is not my need


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