Blue Wood (1)


It’s Anna’s eighteenth birthday. Our gang decides to go to Icebar, a pub famous amongst youngsters for its music and the crowd. After a struggle to find a place for ourselves, we foursome settle at a corner. As our group shouts and screams order for our drinks, I see him in a group of boys. From that moment, everything started moving in slow motion. My heart which used to skip beats to see him is beating so loud, louder than the music at the pub. Anna looks at me and follows where I am looking. And there he is, dancing in full glory. Music is probably following his steps. Happy hours get happier. Anna teases me, but I know deep down even Anna likes him. However, my infatuation is so obvious that Anna cannot confess to her best friend. After two drinks, we get a little tipsy. Anna makes an effort for me and goes to him. I don’t know what transpires between them but see them hitting the dance floor.

I turn scarlet and feel betrayal. After another drink that I gulp instantly to push down jealousy. I float to the flashback- Gyaan, the most popular guy at our school. Every other girl had a crush on him, and so did I, the geekiest girl in the entire school. Yet I have something that others don’t have- my dreams to do something extraordinary. I want to be a scientist. He is part of my dreams too. Not like arm-candy, but as two mature people- motivating and encouraging each other to pursue their dreams. While the other girls loved him for his abs, muscles and greek god looks- I loved him for the brains. I read his project report “Using the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory Satellite (SOHO) to Measure the Motion of a Coronal Mass Ejection”. It was mind-blowing. That’s how my infatuation started.

I take another drink. Just then I see him sauntering his way towards me. “Can we dance?” he asks, in the huskiest voice I ever heard. He sweeps me off my feet completely. He leads me to the dance floor and he whispers in my ears, “You are so pretty, I love your mind. I read your project Zapping Yeast with X-rays. I loved it.” Ah! The divine moment. Then he says to me what I never knew. “I always had a huge crush on you. You are so amazing.” I have been for him what he has been for me- the crush!

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54 thoughts on “Crush

  1. I always had great respect for those writers who write short stories, you are one of them. enjoyed reading it, nicely written. keep up the good work and best luck for a challenge.


  2. Nicely written, romantic, short story. I like to way you have developed both characters, with a few words.
    Will be back to check out your other #BlogchatterA2Z stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Crush, something that we have gone through in our teenage years. Happy years they were, thought the crush were not always were. That’s a cute little story, Priya!


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