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I see her sitting in front of me, her legs tense, her body stiff. The masseur in me fantasizes her to lie down on the bench. While I am having my random masseur fantasy (purely platonic), I notice the book that she is holding- Butterfly Skin by Se…. It’s a pain to travel in the metro, you can’t even read two words without being shaken to the core. Urgh! How is she able to hold that stare for so long? The book seems gripping. I see something falling out of the book.. a ticket probably. The lady in red skirt doesn’t pay any attention. Her red dress, just perfect texture rubbing against the perfect skin. Not like porcupine men I have to massage every day.

The train comes to a halt. Few passengers get down and some get in.

I too get down, only to re-enter from the other door and slide just next to her. O, boy! She smells so good. She looks at me. Can she read mind? No, relax, she can’t. She smiled. What’s that phrase? This smile can sail a boat, or was it this smile can launch a thousand ships? I smile back. She looks ethereal in the red skirt. I feel dizzy.

“What happened?”, she asks. “Sorry?”, I reply getting closer to her. “What happened, you were sitting there, right?”, she caught me. “Oh yeah! I was”, I managed. “I just wanted to sit here”, I stammered. “Why?”, she asks again. A tough nut. Isn’t she something? “Just to see”, I was about to say ‘you’. I guess she thought I was talking about the view.

“Oh I see, you new here”, she asks in the most mellifluous voice I ever heard. How I wish to keep listening to her, always. “Yes”, I lied. “Do you wanna see around? I am a local”, she asked biting her lips. “Absolutely”, I answer. I notice a butterfly on her shoulder. I am dazzled by her enigma, her fragrance. The train stops and I follow her out.

The train comes to halt at the last stop. Every passenger deboards. Only a ticket lies on the floor, which reads- “The butterfly lady dazzled the masseur, he was trapped.”

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47 thoughts on “Dazzled

  1. Your stories have such innocuous beginnings, and then they take such an unanticipated turn at the end, Priya. BTW, have you read Edgar Poe. This one resembled a lot like his style. Love it!

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    1. Thanks dear. I don’t remember reading Poe, may be in college one of his poems.
      any specific one u have in mind? Will look up.
      The climax came to me at 10 pm last night, when I was making my kid sleep.. and I just added, changed the book’s name.. n viola.. surprised myself.

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  2. The first word that came to my mind as I read the last line… WOW!!
    Your story created such a vivid imagery and loved the possibilities it created in my head. Great going!!
    5 Reasons to Keep a Travel Diary #AtoZChallenge

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  3. This is so well written 🙂 It makes you visualize everything with the flow, and the last line just so perfectly done 🙂

    D is Dumbfounded – Love is not my need

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