Falling Teardrop…

eyes. A teardrop
originates, while she
waits for the billet-doux
from her beau. With the
resonance of reminiscence,
residing on pupil, a droplet of
tear  escapes  the lashes, rolls
down her cheeks and kisses her
lips,  flowing, and  falling  into
the rivulet-forming not a real
oasis but a deceptive mirage,
tranquility  lost  some-
where…..only hope
shines softly in
her eyes

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56 thoughts on “Falling Teardrop…

  1. Wow, a teardrop as a calligram. Just loved it. I can’t write poetry for nuts so obviously I am super impressed you did that too as a part of AtoZ Challenge. You go, gurl!

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  2. I am Supremely impressed by you Priya! My words won’t do justice to your talent. You are so very creative. And until yesterday you didn’t know what you will write about! Wow!

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  3. That was bloody amazing!! I never knew such a genre existed – a shape poem? This probably entailed twice the creativity that a regular poet would require. Kudos to your effort!!!
    All the best for the A to Z Challenge. Do drop by mine,

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