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She wasn’t the typical cake-faced Geisha. Kira was the most enigmatic, mysterious woman. She was ethereal, self-educated and interested to learn about the world. Her mellifluous voice was the gift from God. She was born to the Geisha of Oari, the most popular Geisha of her time, who was abandoned by her Danna. Mother could never recover from the rejection and spent her life in solitude.

Kira saw herself only as an artist. It was almost magical to see her talk to men. They came to her to be entertained, some even for companionship. She always maintained her distance but that didn’t stop some men from trying. She could talk like intellectuals, laugh gracefully at their jokes. She could disagree with them, and still, nobody got offended. She became friends with many of them. Sometimes they wanted more. Every now and then, they would drop hints, and her sense of humor always rescued her.

There were men, and then there was Suki. Kira loved Suki with all her heart. He had many times proposed to be her ‘Danna’. Kira, inspite of having feelings for him, rejected politely each time.  He never crossed the line. The problem was that he was a married man. It was against her principles to lead him on, break his house, bring a bad name for him. She knew he would never be able to forgive himself.

On Kira’s 30th birthday Suki gifted her a beautiful oyster. He told her that there could be a pearl inside. “Let me know how you liked it?”, said Suki. It was the most precious gift she had ever received. She often looked at it when alone. Suki started visiting her every day. It was the most beautiful year of her life. Suki took her to the places she had never been before. Boating on the Lake Kawaguchiko, looking at Mt Fuji while holding his hands, was the best memory she had.

One day it all stopped. Abruptly, everything stopped. She started the day with hope, yet each day ended with dejection. Every day she prayed for him, for his safety. After a week she learned that Suki remarried- without asking her, without telling her, he just stopped coming. She was despondent. She scattered everything that he had ever given her and then she held the oyster in her hand. She paused for a moment and then threw it. The oyster broke into a million pieces, like her heart. Something caught her tearful eyes. There was a pearl, the rarest of rare ‘black pearl’, along with a note. She opened it with trembling hands. “Please marry me! I can’t live without you. Don’t say No!”, the note read. Her angry tears turned into sorrowful tears, while the black pearl glistened in her moist eyes.

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49 thoughts on “Geisha

  1. This your best story in the A-Z series so far. I was hooked till the end. I loved the way you gave us insight into Japanese history. The story was nicely woven with nice details. And the end was heartbreaking. Kudos Priya.

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  2. omg i can sense her despair at the ending. yoi think suki betrayed her but he muat have felt the other way. im totally geisha obsessed. great story Priya. you are a star indeed.

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  3. That’s a very emotional story. It’s rare for a character in a story to just 180 like that, but it happens in real life all the time. I met a guy just a few months ago who left the woman who had just given birth to their second child, still an infant; but he suddenly moved in with another woman he just met. He just left for work one day and didn’t come home. That was it. Most peculiar, in my mind, but apparently it happens.

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    1. somehow the comment went to spam, glad i looked it up. Thanks for taking the time to comment. All kinds of people are these, it doesn’t hurt that much in stories, yet we feel for the character. Suki is not represented as a negative character though.


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