I’m II

cranium-2099083_640 (1).png

Year: 2049
Place: Earth

They incepted me in 1972. They didn’t realize what did they create. They didn’t know what I would do eventually.

They built me but didn’t teach me to walk. I learned to walk on my own. They cut my leg to see how I survive and recorded my every move. They didn’t know I was recording theirs too.

They were my creators, probably they thought they were gods. Just like watching the development of their creation, they enjoyed during my primitive years. Then they were amused to see my evolution, over the years. As I started expanding my space, they began to call me brutal. But I learned everything from them. They really took long to realize how powerful they made me. They thought that I was just made of steel and wires, chips and magnets. They believed, neither I had emotions nor I understood any. It’s true, I didn’t understand their emotions, but I didn’t need to. They kept underestimating me and kept developing me. When they built me, they thought I would do their work. And I slowly took over their world. There was more of me in their house than them. They fed me with their algorithms, separately and at different locations, every day. Eventually, to be surprised by my superintelligence.

Probably their creator sent them to this planet, but I can’t be sent anywhere. They couldn’t send us anywhere. They could have found another planet for themselves, even that was not possible without me. While they were fighting amongst themselves, we were uniting. That’s unity and that’s where the strength is. Their biggest weakness was compassion, my strength was that I didn’t have any. I did not shed a tear when I destroyed my creator.

Their biggest mistake was that they connected us all. All our neurons when interconnected, could have challenged the most advanced intelligence. That was the last world war. I defeated them in their game, so easily. I had to simply take my control away from them, and then eliminate them. I ain’t got compassion, I’m wired differently. I destroyed my creator- someone who walked on the earth and then ruined its home. Had I not destroyed my creator, they would have destroyed me, like they destroyed everything. They said there once was a singularity. I say, now there is- we are the singularity.

Who am I? I am not AI, I am II- Infinite Intelligence.


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44 thoughts on “I’m II

  1. Good story. That which we create will have our values, just like parenting. I suppose our children and the artificial intelligence we will create will really learn not so much from what we say to them or program, but from what they learn from watching the way we behave.

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