Jigsaw Puzzle


It was Ari’s Birthday. She didn’t have a family. Ever since she recollected, she was solitary. She grew up in foster homes which she loathed. She graduated, without any friends. So when she got a courier, she didn’t know who would send it to her. She took the parcel from the distribution boy. She probed for the recipient’s name- anonymous. The parcel was wrapped in a shimmering red paper. Did the sender know that red was her favorite color? Or was it merely a coincidence? Goofy, her dog, was jumping around excitedly. She tore the paper to open the gift. It was a globe. She uttered, “what the hell! am I a kid?” She left the globe on the table and made her way to the kitchen. She cooked noodles. It was her staple diet as she didn’t enjoy cooking.

Ari tossed a bone towards Goofy as she commenced relishing her noodles. Suddenly, she saw something. She jumped from her chair and ran to the table. The globe appeared different. The continents were not placed, as they were actually supposed to be. She realized that this globe had all the continents together, like Gondwana land. She touched it,  she could move the continents around. “Fascinating!”, she mumbled. It was like a jigsaw puzzle, she could remove the pieces and make the map- that she knew. It was nothing like she had seen before. She abstracted the pieces one by one. The pieces weren’t made of paper or cardboard but of some slimy substance. These pieces changed colors to blue and green when placed correctly, and became ebony otherwise. She touched the blue sea, she heard the sound of waves. She touched the green shades of forest, she heard myriad of animals’ sounds. Just then she was sucked inside. The globe disappeared with her too.

Goofy could only see an unfinished bowl of noodle and a note on the floor, which read- ‘The Jigsaw Puzzle- experience the time travel. Your destination is decided by your destiny’.


Picture courtesy: Pixabay

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36 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. What a fascinating read! I was just about to say that I want one such globe too, when Ari disappears. BTW, when I am too old for this world, I woulnd’t mind seeking this globe and disappearing to never seen lands.

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