Tanya, Kabir, John, and Rudra all stood perplexed. While Agent Roy walked and uttered, “you all are walking on a thin line here”. They looked at the body lying with blood on her face and wrist. The murder weapon was right there on the floor next to the body. Agent Roy examined the knife without touching it. He wanted to solve this case on the spot as he knew that most of the killers don’t leave any fingerprints on the murder weapon or at the crime scene.

Tanya looked pale, she was the closest person to Maya. They were the best friends. They loved to shop together, learn cooking together, even dreamt to marry the same guy to stay together forever. Tanya seemed to be having a myriad of feelings. She felt jealous of Maya at times. She had to be truthful, at least to herself. Could she be suspected? She tried to appear normal. She was somewhat relieved, as Maya used to get more attention. Now she can marry whoever she wanted. She looked at Kabir, who looked paler than her. But then he always looked pale.

Kabir, liked Maya a lot. However, she liked to hang out with John more than him. He had devious plans to separate them. But he could never want her to die. Even while she lied on the floor motionless, she looked so pretty. He looked at John, and wondered How could he be so calm and composed, his girlfriend just died?

John didn’t know how to react. He knew he would be the prime suspect as Maya was his girlfriend. He was happy with her. However, of late Maya was spending more time with Rudra. Tanya was making advances towards John. He was trying to appear as calm as he could. Working in theatre helped him to appear cool even when a storm was raging inside him.

Rudra was standing in the corner, tried to hide the smile. Rudra was a nerd, with a little compassion. Maya and Rudra were friends. She had been sharing everything that was going on in her life.

Kabir looked pale. Detective asked, “The color has drained from your face. Kabir? Is it?”. Kabir nodded as he didn’t trust his own voice. “Where were you when it happened?”, the detective interrogated.

“I was around, we all were”, Kabir stammered.

“Aha! so you know when it happened?”, detective almost shouted.

“Not exactly. But I can tell that when she opened the door for me, she was very happy. It’s her birthday after all.” Kabir seemed more confident now.

“Then what happened?”, detective cleared his throat.

“I wished her and gifted her a birthday present…” Kabir was stopped mid-sentence. Agent badgered, “Where is the birthday present?”.

“Maya took the gift and left the room. I don’t know where she kept it…”, Kabir said, Agent interrupted again. “Let’s go and find it. Shall we?”.

They all went to Maya’s bedroom. Everything was scattered around the room.

“Oh my god! It’s a burglary!” John exclaimed.

“Actually, no! Maya was not an organized person, this is how she liked to live. She thought the room looks more lively this way.”, Tanya said.

“Still we need to find out if anything valuable was stolen”, Agent suggested.

They looked in the cupboard. They found her jewelry intact in the locker and the cash untouched.

“It’s not a burglary. The killer was interested in something else”, agent announced.

The agent walked to the table where all the gifts were kept neatly. All 4 gifts, except Rudra’s.

The detective turned to Rudra, “What did you gift her Rudra?”

“I got her books, as she loved to read”, Rudra said.

“No, she didn’t. She never liked to read”, Tanya countered.

The detective’s face lit up. At that moment he thought he knew who the killer was.

Can you guess what happened next? Who’s the killer? Think about it and then select the text below.

Detective turned towards Rudra and accused “You killed her because she fought with you for not getting a gift”.

“That’s preposterous! This agent is crazy. Who does that?”, screamed Rudra.

Suddenly someone entered the room, everybody was aghast. The person announced, “It was Tanya! Don’t you see? She has OCD. She likes to read books. When Rudra gifted books, she tried to steal it. But she was caught and hence she murdered her best friend.”

“Argh!”, everybody screamed together.

“You spoilt the fun, Maya”, Agent Roy scowled.

“C’mon! I got tired of playing dead on my own birthday. You guys were taking forever. I nearly died of hunger. Now let’s cut the cake, I’m famished.” Maya licked the ketchup off her fingers. Her other teenager friends followed her. Their whodunit party was fun as always.


Picture courtesy: Pixabay

Who did you think the killer was? Were you surprised at the turn of events? Did you see it coming? Do drop in your comments. I would love to read your feedback.

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53 thoughts on “Killer

  1. Oh thank God, they were only playing a prank?
    Just a few things, I think you started with the name Jack, but by mistake continued with the name John instead. But I like the way you think out the plot.


  2. Hehe. This is my kinda story. I’ll take a happy ending any day. I definitely dint expect that. I remember once I had this bad dream and the minute I woke up I changed the ending to a birthday party so that I could get back to sleep. Reminded me of that

    Liked by 2 people

  3. How do you do it, Priya? Poetry, sci-fi and now murder mysteries. This is the genre I love the most, btw. I have written a murder mystery, it’s been years, just don’t have the confidence to show it to anyone. This is written so well, and I loved the end. One more thing – I could have never found the killer. One thing I am not – Poirot. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure Priya, please share your email id, will share the first chapter. If you like it and have the will to go on, will send you the subsequent chapters too. It’s been sitting in my laptop for so long that I am sure it would enjoy a little outing 🙂


  4. Somehow, I knew it was Tanya. Rudra was too obvious and John and Kabir didn’t have enough about them in the story to be placed as suspects. But the fun ending was not the one I expected. Nice one, Priya.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Superb idea. i want to go for a murder mystery party at some point. I did figure it out a few sentences before you revealed it but after I started reading the hidden part. Love dit.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OMG!! This is the first time I read something like this — I mean, disclosed thus! Wow! Brilliant idea, Priya! It was just a prank!! I did rake my brains for a few minutes, but then, I admit, I scrolled up and read a couple comments.
    Enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

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