A Physician says intellectually,
“Love is a harmonic disorder,
symptoms of a fatal disease.
You lose your appetite,
spend sleepless nights.”

A priest replies prophetically:
“Only love I know,
is to love the God.
Sing some soulful hymn,
believe He will love you always”

A young girl cries emotionally,
“is no such thing I believe,
Love is unreal, an illusion.
It’s fragile and frivolous,
completely waste of time.

The mother replies calmly-
“Do your best for the humanity.
To serve the poor is
to love the Almighty.
Love is to love
everyone you meet.”


Picture courtesy: Pixabay

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37 thoughts on “Love

  1. Lovely poem … my fav line is “Mother replies calmly” … never surprises me how the mother has all the answers for her child!


  2. A quantum physicist says rationally
    Love is a superposition state
    of sadness and happiness
    frustration and bliss
    To get a pleasant answer
    perform the measurement with a kiss

    Loved the different perspectives on love 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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