Mia of Maya

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Year- AD 910

Place: Rhea

My name is Mia. My father was a sculptor and used to make stelae. A sculptor in Mayan civilization was a skilled worker, treated as an artist and was given due respect. I learned from him how to engrave on the stones. I held the chisel in my hands ever since I remember. My father used to tell me that his hammer and chisel were the first toys I ever played with.

Mayan civilization was the most advanced civilization of its time. While the rest of the world was still in stone age, Mayans heralded the golden age. We were the first astronomers. We built the world’s first observatory, which helped us predict even eclipses. We started the first calendar with 365 days in a year. We built pyramids which still stand the test of time. My personal favorite one was Chichén Itza in central Yucatan, a wonder of Mesoamerican technology. This was an absolute brilliance of mathematical calculations and astronomy. On the Equinox, twice a year, we celebrated the descent of the feathered serpent here. We started our hieroglyphic language- using symbols, pictograms, and pictographs- and recorded our history on the rocks called stelae.

Our civilization was at its peak from AD 250 to 900, the greatest at its time. Everybody wanted to be a part of it- some were too far, and those nearby tried time and again to be Mayans. We were selective, we chose skilled people. With others, we used to play a ball game. The losing team was sacrificed as offering to our Gods. To win always, we had built a great team. The games ended with a ceremony- people being pushed into the well- linked to religion. Thus, outsiders who aspired to be Mayans were sacrificed by the real Mayans.

Our popularity spread farther than one could ever imagine. While we observed the cosmos in our observatory, some others more intelligent than us observed us. One day, Green-heads appeared in our blue sky in a sky-ship. Aliens came out of the ship and announced that they came from a planet far away. He lured us to come with them for a better life, great surroundings, and a larger understanding of the universe. We Mayan could do anything for knowledge. They started taking us out of the earth in a bunch. At first, we sent people whom we wanted to sacrifice. After 7 days, one of the person from that group came back with the Greenheads and told all that he saw. After his stories about the other world, there was no stopping. We all left Earth-our planet, for the world beyond our imagination. Mayan cities were abandoned suddenly. Before leaving, we spread the rumor that there is a famine so that rest of the humans on the planet don’t become our competitor. Green-heads marveled our minds. They helped us with the planned evacuation.

As our group reached the other world- the barren lands of Rhea- and the ship flew back, we understood the devious plans of wicked Green-heads. Probably, these Greenheads sent us off in the different groups in a planned manner to distant planets and galaxies, in their quest for habitable zones. I was left with 7 other Mayans at this no man’s land, Rhea- a moon of Saturn. There is air for us but nothing else. It is freezing cold here. Our supplies are limited and as these finish, we all will die. This moment reminds me of our rituals of human sacrifices to please our gods. Now it was our turn- we were chosen to be sacrificed, all of us. Had we survived- we, the Mayans, could have contributed to make our world a different place. I am doing what I know the best- I write our story on stones on this foreign land. This may be the last stelae from a Mayan, even if it will lie here on this godforsaken place for eternity.

The stelae sits on the rocky ground of Rhea now.  


Picture courtesy: Pixabay

Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. Apart from some facts about Mayans (mostly captured in the para 2), most of the content is only imagination, and not meant to change/write or challenge history.

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34 thoughts on “Mia of Maya

  1. Something about Mayans! I am intrigued by this civilization, though haven’t read much about it! This is a nice post and something we must ponder on given our current situation, as Elon Musk et al are looking for an alternate planet for humans to reside on.

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  2. You gave us a lot of information about the Mayan civilisation through your story. Well written.

    Although the entire South America now seems like a zone ravaged by extreme poverty and horrible drug cartels, their ancient history has been glorious. The Aztecs, Mayans and Incas were great civilisations, although some of their rituals and practices (human sacrifice for example) were dark. Their jewellery and weapons adorned with precious stones have been famous the world over since ancient times. Eventually though, the Europeans (Spaniards and Portuguese) robbed them of their wealth, resources and rich culture.

    Do drop by mine.



  3. A perfect blend of history and sci-fi, Priya … and it all flowed smoothly with minimal backstory/explanations. Really admire the skill of spinning fantasy/sci-fi tales 🙂

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  4. Wow, Priya. I know very little about the Mayans, so your post was an absolute delight to read. Nicely done! I will be closely following Mia.

    Liked by 1 person

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