Parallel Universe

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She looked at Mohit, trying to see the love that was there in his black eyes a year ago. Where did it vanish? Every morning, she hoped for the lost love in those eyes. Has he changed, his love changed or perhaps she had changed. He, probably, couldn’t love her any more. Yes, she has changed. She knew that was the fact, but something changed in him too.

A year ago, she didn’t see anything except love. Now all she could ever see was pity and indifference. “O Mahi, why you had to go”, she murmured. Mahi was her daughter who died in an accident. Ever since she passed away there was a void between Mohit and her.

She was drifting in and out of sleep while Mohit was busy with his laptop. Earlier, he never got any work to home. But now, that was his excuse- to stay busy. She drifted again. She dreamt about a kid who was drowning in the sea. She jumped to save him and then she saw a symbol- a spiral or a circle, whirling with a great pace. She thought about it for a second, she had never seen such a symbol. When she opened her eyes, she didn’t see him around.  “Uh, I seem to have slept too long”.

She woke up dizzy, her head was spinning badly. She got up from the bed and felt herself heavier than before. She thought she was going to faint then, but she maintained her balance. She opened the curtains and the sun shone brighter. She squinted her eyes, “Ah, the migraine!”, She drew the curtain again. She looked back to see Mohit standing behind her.

“O! my god! you scared me”.

“Did I,” he replied.

 “Are you okay?”, he asked holding her hand.

She said “Ya, I am ok. Just dizzy, but why are you so cold?”.

“I will get you some water,” he rushed to get some water for her. He was back before she could blink. That was fast, she thought. She hasn’t seen him this energetic in years. He looked different. Why does he look different?

“Mohit?”, she started.

“Yes darling”, he asked.

Darling? When was the last he called her that? The word was echoing in her ears.

He asked, “Yes, you were saying something.”

“Mohit, you look different today” Dia said.

He replied with a mysterious smile, “I think you were dreaming. Now c’mon, drink it”.

She had a gulp.

“You need rest, now lie down. Sana will be coming any moment now”.

“Sana?”, She questioned.

“Yeah, it’s time, bus must be coming any moment now.”

“Who is Sana?”, she was puzzled.

Mohit looked at bewildered Dia. “Are you alright? Our daughter. Remember?”

Just then, the doorbell rang. Mohit rushed to open the door. Dia could hear him talking to someone. She was shocked at what Mohit just said to her. Maybe he was joking, she thought.

Just then a girl of 10 years entered her room, “Mom! are you alright? What happened?” the girl asked.

“Who are you?” Dia asked her, she was about to add I’m not your mom, but she didn’t want to hurt the girl’s feeling.

“Mom?” Sana was aghast. She called out Mohit, “Dad, dad!”. Mohit entered looking concerned.  “See what Mom is saying. What happened to her?”, Sana couldn’t believe what her mom was saying.

“Sana, go to your room. Take shower, change”, Mohit instructed.

“But dad” Sana interjected.

“Now!”, Mohit ordered sternly.

Mohit held Dia’s hands and looked in her eyes and asked with the utmost concern and love, “What’s the matter Dia?”, he avoided questioning about her health or what was wrong with her. Dia looked at him and there it was, she knew something was amiss. He wasn’t Mohit, his eyes, eyes colour don’t change. Her Mohit has black eyes, but the person sitting in front of him has hazel eyes.

She pulled her hands away, “You! you! you are…”. She couldn’t finish the sentence and she fainted.

Dia died drowning in a sea while saving a kid, a reality which she felt as a dream. After her death, she woke up in the parallel universe where she was with her husband and instead of Mahi she had a daughter Sana.



Picture courtesy: Pixabay

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