The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room (1)

The quietness is too much for me to bear. I can hear the ‘sound of silence’.  I  can hear my salvia in my mouth.  I can hear my heart-beat. My heart is pumping blood really fast. I hear the sound of gushing blood in the veins and arteries, which I never thought were audible. I don’t even have claustrophobia, I can’t imagine how a claustrophobic person would sit here. I was never so conscious and aware about myself as I am right now. I don’t think  I will last that long. Every minute is a torture.

I know, I  always complain about the aeroplane noise coming to my apartment as it is close to the airport. I didn’t realize how much I am addicted to sound. I am missing even the sounds that drove my crazy once.

I now miss the sounds humming gently in the background of life. I can hear myself breathe. I wonder if it is meditation. However, in meditation the mind needs to be quiet too, but that’s what making the maximum sound. The decibel sound in the world’s quietest room is -9, but human are more comfortable with 40-60 db. This is more difficult than I thought it would be. I can’t believe I laughed when my friend Anna put me up for this challenge. I am supposed to sit here in silence and darkness for 2 hours.

A minute less and I lose. As the time is passing by, I realize it isn’t as bad as it seemed at the beginning. Probably, because my brain is getting used to it. When I can not hear other sounds, I hear myself better. I accepted the bet because I need time to think whether I want to get married or not. On  my bachelorette party while playing truth or dare,  I chose dare and Anna dared me to do this. I am supposed to be getting married tomorrow. I was so sure until this moment. I love Greg but I am not really ready to do this. This room has allowed me to think rationally. I need to take a decision, and I have. There won’t be a wedding tomorrow.




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35 thoughts on “The Quiet Room

  1. Being left alone with turbulent thoughts can be scary. But quiet contemplation is the only way to work things out. Great story Priya. i love how you build beautiful stories around the tiniest of thought provoking ideas.

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  2. There won’t be any brides left if all are given time to reflect before the wedding day. Ha ha, on a serious note, this is a great thought Priya! I love the way your mind works, spins a different type of story every day!

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  3. Narrated so beautiful!! I could feel the silence in that room and so yearned for it. If I get a chance to visit this room and spend an hour, I guess I will make a few life changing decisions, myself! 🙂

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