Rain starts to Pour…

murder in palace.jpg

Ms Anna Roy reached the palace, drenched from head to toe, wearing a yellow dress. She looked beautiful, all men looked at him, though it wasn’t a place to appreciate the beauty. She was at a party, when she was invited to another party which some party pooper had spoiled. As soon as she got the news she ran 5 blocks in the down-pouring rain. She loved to party and hated party poopers. What a start of a new year!

The body was left on the floor. The blood was dripping. It was a cold blood murder. Mrs Smith was murdered, stabbed to death. Mrs Susanne Smith was 55 years old, a princess, and a cantankerous woman. Some of the people present in the room would be happy and the others would be benefited with her demise. Seeing her dead was not shocking, she had made many enemies. Most of them were present on the success party of her debut music album. The song ‘I keep going on‘ was still playing in the background, on loop. It was eerie to say the least. Nobody had the brains to turn it off.

Ms Roy turned it off using a handkerchief. Robert, her assistant, was present at the crime scene and inspected the crime scene. He had already got the murder weapon- a knife, drenched in blood. He made a list of prime suspects. Ms Roy looked at the list given by Robert-

  • Mr Tom Smith: Susanne’s husband of 5 years. He was her second husband, and she was his 3rd wife. By the accounts of the servants of the house they often fought and MRs Smith had asked for divorce. Mr Smith would be the biggest beneficiary after this incident. Not only he wouldn’t need to pay any alimony but also, he would inherit the property and all the other assets that she owned.
  • Mr Alex Brown: Susanne’s ex-husband. They were married for 10 years before one day Mrs Smith (then Mrs Brown) kicked him out of the palace and her life. She never told anybody what happened. Alex came to road, and he was not happy with the situation. He wasn’t invited to the party, but he crashed the success party which coincided with new year.
  • Mr David Clark: Susanne’s art dealer. He used to get her best artwork from all over the world. Tom suspected David and Susanne of having an affair. David could have a motive. Roy decided to talk to him first, but before that she needed to change the dress. She was feeling cold.
  • Mrs Olivia Clark: Susanne’s friend. She was Alex’s sister, and David’s wife. She was suspecting David and Susanne for having an affair, and believed Susanne was responsible for her brother’s miserable condition. She was clearly a prime suspect.
  • Princess Amy Scott: Susanne’s best friend. Still, they often had fight over trivial issues. Susanne was rich, famous, soon going to win Grammy award, while Amy was broke, crazy, and jealous. She was responsible for writing the hit song. However, Susanne didn’t give her the due credit, and this made Amy very furious.

It’s gonna be a long night. “It’s gonna be a long long night”, the song echoed in Anna’s ears.

to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 1 of the series Murder in a Palace



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28 thoughts on “Rain starts to Pour…

  1. I love murder mysteries, so when you told me yesterday there’s going to be a story, I decided to check it out. I still have to begin writing my R post, but, I needed some boost, so I am here! Waiting for the next part. 🙂


  2. Muder mystery. …This is interesting ,waiting for the next part ….almost every character seems to have a motive to commit the crime. …so here I am waiting for more ….

    Liked by 1 person

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