Murder in a Palace

murder in palace

A murder most sinister has taken place. Mrs. Susanne Smith is dead and the onus lies on Anna Roy to find out who the murder is.

Anna Roy is a 29 years old, beautiful blonde. People always judge her by her looks, mostly unaware that she is a formidable sleuth. This often works in her favor. Her charm makes men reveal information which otherwise they wouldn’t. She also charms women to continue talking and not clam up.

She hails from an affluent family and her parents consider her as a failure for not pursuing any respectful careers. Her profession as a sleuth is often mocked at her home. This makes her ready to do anything to prove her mantle as a Sleuth. She is a new sleuth and doesn’t have much experience. So far she got 3 murder cases and she has been able to solve all 3 within 24 hours of the murderer. However, this time the murderer seems to elude her.

She takes herself as a sleuth very seriously. She follows the rules only till they are convenient. She is ready to bend if it favors her and helps to solve the case.

Chapter # 1- Rain starts to Pour…

Chapter # 2 – Shh Sleuth is hunting…

Chapter # 3-Twists and Turns

Chapter # 4- Unicorn Friends

Chapter # 5- Vestigial Organ

Chapter # 6- Whodunit

Chapter # 7- Mx. X

Chapter # 8- You are Dead

Chapter # 9- Z to A- Connecting the Dots


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