The much-awaited meeting with the Olivia Clark since she wanted to talk to her alone. She called Mrs Olivia Clark to check if David was home. Olivia informed that David was out for some work. Anna told her that she was coming immediately.

Anna Roy reached Clark’s house.

The door was ajar, she peeped inside the door and called out, “Mrs Clark?”.
“Come inside”, Olivia announced.
Anna stepped inside the place, it was beautifully decorated. Anna was welcomed by Olivia.
Anna asked, “How are you?”.
“I have seen better days, but I am alright”, Olivia replied. “You can start with your questionnaire”, Olivia added.
“What happened at the party?”, Anna started.
“We all were having fun. Everybody started dancing on the song ‘I keep going on’. We made a temporary stage, put the spotlight, and played the song in loop. Susanne was the first one to start. She pulled me to dance next. It was one crazy night since there were all friends and family to celebrate a special occasion. David was hilarious in his adaptation of MJ- doing a moonwalk. We were in splits when the lights were turned off for the new year. Then we heard a shriek. After a few moments lights were back and we learnt about it”, Olivia recalled.
“How was your relationship with Susanne?” Anna asked.
“Susanne was my good friend since college days, despite being the cantankerous woman that everybody knew her to be. I saw it as her idiosyncrasy. I didn’t judge her for that. We were friends and I accepted this as a part of her”, Olivia answered.
“Despite her marriage getting sour with your brother, you were good friends?”, Anna interjected.
“It soured our relationship too for some time. Initially, I was upset with her after what she did to my brother Alex. I knew her longer and better than others. I knew that she was not bad at heart, however loyalty was not her best virtue. Anyway, since life moves on, I rather chose to help my brother in establishing his business. Over the years, I forgave her”, Olivia replied.
“How was it going between two of you in the recent past?”, Anna probed.
“Life was getting just normal, just as between two friends. That is when I heard from Alex about Susanne and David. I was not shocked since David himself had told me about meetings and some traveling with Susanne related to business. It was when others noticed their frequent meetings and told me, I was upset.”, Olivia answered.
“Why did you go to the party then?”, Anna questioned.
“I didn’t want to. David made me”, Olivia retorted.
“Hmmm… Did you ever confront Susanne about her affair with David?”, Anna interrogated.
“No, but I asked David. He assured me that it was nothing. I had nothing to worry about”, Olivia uttered.
“And you believed him?”, Anna queried.
“I didn’t have a choice or proof”, Olivia admitted.
Anna didn’t have any more questions for Olivia at that juncture. She thanked Olivia and left her place.

As she drove her car, she thought about all the suspects. She had interrogated all the prime suspects. Each one had a motive but gave plausible statements. However, after the statements from all the suspects she was confused- ‘whodunit’.


to be continued…

*This is the chapter # 6 of the series Murder in a Palace


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21 thoughts on “Whodunit

  1. Yaar, this is so confusing. All prime suspects have been interrogated and I still don’t know who did it. Maybe I should revisit the first and the subsequent chapters to find a clue.


  2. Of course W had to be Whodunit. If we are placing bets, my money is on the ex-husband who came to warn her about David. Curious to see how this unfolds. You are doing great. Got us all hooked.

    Liked by 1 person

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