Z to A- Connecting the Dots


Anna stood in the palace where it all began. Anna knew that the suspects would be reluctant to show up today, hence summoned them through City Sheriff office. Rob informed Anna about the arrival of the suspects. Barring two police officers inside the hall, a larger squad of police was waiting outside the palace, ready to apprehend the killer.

Anna started, “I am glad you all came, not coming would have clearly given it away. Tom, you looked very confident when I first met you. Not so confident today. Are you?  Amy, you pretended somebody you are not, apparently to hide your jealousy and treachery behind the madness.

Mr Clark- everyone suspected you. Mrs Smith changed her will to name you as the inheritor of her estate just few days before her murder. You are the biggest beneficiary, which you claimed you were unaware of. Your sock, which you thought drained out, was found in the drain. We identified it as yours from the pictures of the fateful evening”.

“Absurd, I did not do anything”, said David who was visibly perturbed by the accusation.

“How do you explain the DNA touch report which confirms the sock which had Susanne’s blood strains over it belongs to you? The will clearly is the biggest motive”, Anna charged.

“Arrest him officer, he is the murderer”, Anna screamed.

“No. He didn’t.” Olivia broke down.

“It was me. He was just trying to save me”, Olivia confessed.

Olivia spoke between the sobs, “It was my plan. I made him go after Susanne, sell her art at higher price. I used the money to help Alex in his business. Slowly Susanne and David fell for each other, I didn’t expect that. I asked David about him and Susanne, he skirted by telling me that he was doing only what I asked him to do. On that fateful evening, just before 12 o clock, I didn’t see Susanne or David around. I went to look for them and found them making out in the guest room, next to the living room. Seeing them together, something got over me. I got the meat knife from the dining table and went inside the room. They both sprang to their feet. Before either of them could react, I stabbed the knife right through her heart. While falling she held David’s foot. She wanted to say something but died on the spot.

David was shocked, and I also froze after that. Perhaps, he still loved me and didn’t want me to go to jail. He decided to help me. As luck would have it, just then the living room lights were turned off to usher the new year. While people were still dancing, I quickly washed the knife and placed it back at its place, that’s the reason the murder weapon wasn’t found. David washed himself and drained out the sock. When I came out, still nobody was around and then I shrieked in Susanne’s voice. The lights came back on in a few moments.

I didn’t want to kill her. I couldn’t see him stealing my husband. That note and the mail was sent by me to mislead you. He is innocent.”

Anna retorted, “I knew that you were the mastermind, but he isn’t innocent either. After arriving here on the murder night, incidentally I had to use Susanne’s jacket. In which, I found a crumpled paper. It was from Susanne’s diary. Something was scribbled on it, but not legible. Yet I learnt that she must be maintaining a diary. Next morning when I came to the palace, I looked for the diary and found it in a hidden drawer. I learnt from the diary what she thought about you all. She was remorseful that she took credit of Amy’s song and hence decided to name the other house in Amy’s name. In the Diary it was written how Olivia had confronted her after the Paris trip with David. Though when I asked Olivia, she lied that she never confronted Susanne, which was enough to doubt her. The new will which I found from the Sussane’s drawer and her diary made it clear to me that David should not be the culprit.

When the IP address revealed your address, it wasn’t difficult to find out who the culprit was. All the evidences were against David, and none against you Olivia. Left with no other options, I needed your public confession to accuse you. That’s why I called you all here to be witness to it. Your confession actually helped me to connect all the dots from Z to A.”

Immediately after, Olivia was taken in the police custody. David too was taken into custody as he was an accomplice to the crime.

The End. 

*This is the chapter # 9 of the series Murder in a Palace



Picture Courtesy: Created on Canva

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if you go through the first chapter you would know. She was clearly the prime suspect.



34 thoughts on “Z to A- Connecting the Dots

  1. Yes! My guess was correct 😀 Though I had no idea of the motive or the M.O I was sure that Olivia was the killer. But the twist was having David as an accomplice. Nicely done, Priya. Congrats on a successful AtoZ.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good twists- till the end. My learning from the story is don’t over analyze people’s motives, it may be just incidental. Congrats for completing the challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah the prime suspect is only an accomplice to his least suspected wife who he cheated on so a really unlikely team. Well played Priya. Great job and congratulations on completing the challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Kanika for all your support and encouraging words. It had been a great journey . I’m gonna remember this for a long time..I’m gonna miss this for a long long time 🙂


  4. Whoa! Well, though I couldn’t guess the actual killer, at least it makes me happy to say that I knew it was not David (as he was too obvious) and that one of the girls were the actual murderer! Brilliant story, Priya and also loved the way you kept the readers on tenterhooks! Keep on writing more and entertaining us!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The one you least suspect…is always the killer! Such a depressing thought!

    Perfect ending. Sorry to have come around so late. I was caught up with something urgent that needed my attention post the challenge.

    Great story and great finish to the challenge. Hope to read a lot more from you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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