Fifty Shades Of Pink


June 25, 2018

The musical rain and the rustling leaves added more mystique to the mid-night hours. The silhouettes of the trees danced to the symphony of nature. The rain gods seemed to pour the city with all their love. Kira finally left the bed after enjoying the sound of nature for over an hour. She left the warmth of the blanket and decided to find solace in midnight coffee. Insomnia didn’t allow her to sleep.

Kira hummed a song and sashayed to the kitchen. While the coffee was brewing, she looked out of the window. The rain reminded her of something and just like that, alone in her flat, at midnight she started laughing hysterically.

As if on cue, her phone rang. She answered the call. It was her best friend, Sheeba.

“Hey, buds!”, Kira spoke.

“Hi Kira”, Sheeba chirped.

“You won’t believe. I was just thinking about you guys. It’s raining here in Mumbai. It reminded me of the day we met Daniel for the first time… that scarf … it was instrumental in getting you guys together”.

“Yeah, you know what? He still doesn’t let me buy any shade of pink”.

July 11, 2015

Kira, Sheeba, and Ally landed in Goa and headed to the hotel. It was already getting dark by the time they checked-in. They decided to leave in an hour and told the concierge to arrange a rented car.

As they came to the reception at 8 pm, ready for the evening, the boy from the rental cars service was already waiting for them. He handed over the car keys to the girls and gave them the standard briefing, which no one cared to listen at all. Kira was delighted, she lapped the keys and jumped to the steering wheel.

It was a pleasant evening. As they drove down through the serpentine roads, it started drizzling. They rolled down the windows to allow the breeze in, petrichor stimulated their olfactories. Just then they heard a thumping sound.

“Oh my God! There isn’t a tire repair in sight. What are we going to do?” Sheeba, the scardy mouse started. The girls stepped down to check the tires. The tires seemed fine, genius Ally spoke, “how do we know which one is flat?”.

And they heard it again “thud thud thud”. The distinct sound was coming from the boot. They were scared, it started pouring harder. They all held one another’s hands and somehow managed to open the boot.

Sheeba shrieked when she saw a man in the boot. However, all their fear disappeared when they looked carefully. All three girls burst out laughing. A man in his twenties. wearing nothing, hiding his manhood with his left hand stepped out of the trunk. Stark naked, getting drenched in the downpour. They all laughed while the poor guy stood embarrassed in the middle of the road.

Sheeba had her scarf on, which she gave to the naked stranger. The three girls turned the other way- laughing hysterically.

The stranger took a moment to cover himself, which was still not enough for girls to compose themselves.

“Thanks for the scarf”, the guy said.

The girls turned around. The guy was standing with a pink scarf tied to his waist, the shade of his cheeks matching the scarf’s. In between the guffaws, they asked him who he was and what was he doing inside the boot naked.

“I’m Daniel. I came to Goa with my friends. We rented this car for two days and yesterday we all were out till the wee hours at LPK. Now, I find myself here in the boot of car we rented. Oh! my head hurts. We rented this car. Where are my friends? Oh no! did my friends return the car, leaving me in the boot. How can they? I don’t know how and when I got in the boot. The last thing I remember is that we had 3 rounds of shots before we decided to leave LPK as the most of the crowd was any way gone by that wee-hours”, Daniel said.

“We are Sheeba, Kira, and Ally. Do you want us to drop you somewhere?”, Sheeba managed to speak between the laughs.

“Yeah. For now, do you guys have anything that I can wear?” Daniel spoke.

Ally pulled out a pink sweatshirt from her bag and a towel. Daniel sat on the back seat, wore the pink sweatshirt, and wrapped the towel around his waist.

The sweatshirt was a little tight, but Daniel wasn’t in a condition to complain. He thanked the girls. As they started the car, the girls laughed again when Ally said, “O boy! We just witnessed 50 shades of pink”.

Pic Courtesy:

(c) 2018 Priya U Bajpai

I’m participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words – June 2018

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