The Blue Shoes



I’m Ron, a travel blogger. This is the story about the best picture I ever clicked.

I was at the Juvia beach in Miami, last month.  I was looking for a perfect shot for my travel blog. The azure sky was adorned with few clouds. The setting was perfect with natural light.  I didn’t want to waste another moment. I started clicking the sea, the sun, and the sand. But the wow was still missing. I roamed around, looking for something to pique my interest. A pair of blue shoes under a parasol caught my attention. I looked, but I didn’t see anyone around.

The shoes would match perfectly with the cerulean sea. I picked them stealthily and put them next to the waves. The blue color of the shoe made the landscape complete. It was symbolic of humanity’s presence in nature. The frame I was looking for. I clicked away. The waves kept coming and touching the shoes and slipping away. My happiness was soon washed away by an envious wave. Before I could blink, the shoes were seized by the wave. I couldn’t even move as if I was frozen in time.

As I was struggling to come to the terms of what happened, I saw a girl in a white dress standing under the same parasol where I picked the blue shoes from a few minutes ago. She was a twenty-some blonde, kind of girl who brightens your day. At that moment, I forgot everything else. I realized that it could be her shoes.

Actually, I liked her more than I liked her shoes. Once again, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity. So, I clicked a couple of pictures. She heard the shutter sound of my camera and leaped at me.

“How dare you?”, she yelled.

She came pouncing at me and snatched my camera to check what I just clicked.

“How dare you click my pic?”, she repeated angrily.

Oh, she was talking about her pic, she doesn’t know, yet. I thought and mumbled, “I’m sorry”. Lost in her beauty, my hand instinctively stretched to retrieve the camera. But she wasn’t done yet and pressed the previous pic button. And I am dead.

“You! You stole my shoes? ”

She looked aghast and still so pretty.  As she screamed, I stood silent hypnotized by her.

“Tell me, where are my shoes?”, she demanded.

I pointed at the sea- like a child blames the other kid for his own mischief.

“Tell me! Why would you do that? How will I go home?”

I mumbled another apology. She was still fuming with anger.

“You can take my slippers” I offered. She looked at my feet, which looked like they belonged to Big Foot.

“You go and get me a pair. I’ll wait here”, she ordered.

I turned to go when she stopped me. And said, “don’t you run away!”

“I promise I won’t.” I kept my camera on the book under the parasol and took an estimate of her shoe size.

I ran to the market- which was about half a mile from the beach. I wanted to put my best foot forward, so I looked for the best option. I picked a pair of blue colored slippers to match her dress, with colorful butterflies on the straps. I thought she would love them.

I came running back to the beach, with a smile on face and slippers in hand. Sun had already set, the beach deserted. I returned to the same spot and looked around. Only the book was there, with a note “now we are even”.

(c)2018 Priya U Bajpai


51 thoughts on “The Blue Shoes

  1. Now we are even… Love this end. Your story kept on giving me a reason to keep the smile on my face. I was literally reading it loud to get a feel.. very well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This story stole my heart, Priya! It´s so sweet, amusing and sad at the same time. But, that´s how life is. Expertly built and narrated – ´I pointed at the sea- like a child blames the other kid for his own mischief.´

    Liked by 1 person

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