Interview with Meghana #priyasks

I have a smile on my face as I present to you the ‘happiness agent’. She believes in happifying each and every moment of life- for herself and for others. A nature lover, a true bibliophile, movie buff, and a kiddo at heart. She is a meditation and yoga enthusiast! Her blog and writings render wings to her expressions. When she is not blogging or … Continue reading Interview with Meghana #priyasks

Interview with Tina #priyasks

I take immense pleasure in introducing today’s author. She believes, she is perennially living in an alternate world. She’s pretty sure that Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is her alter ego – ever curious and in the quest for the truth. An Alice who can put the mad hatter to shame for her ability of designing and donning multiple hats with panache; each hat adorned with … Continue reading Interview with Tina #priyasks

Interview with Sayan #AuthorChatter #priyasks

The author of the day has the childlike love for the airplane’s window seat. So, imagine this author sitting in an airplane, holding a book in his hand, and enjoying the view of the azure sky, while I interview him. Where is the plane heading to, you ask? To a beach destination, as he enjoys the sea for its expansive magnanimity. The magical colors in … Continue reading Interview with Sayan #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Jayanthi #AuthorChatter #priyasks

The author whom I am interviewing today,  is a programmer, a passionate InfoSec professional,  a technical blogger. Let us welcome… Jayanthi . Jayanthi is a wife and mother and has lived in the US for 14 years. After she quit her job, she found solace in technical and personal writing that allowed her to keep in touch with her educational qualifications. Q. Having lived in the USA … Continue reading Interview with Jayanthi #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Lavanya #AuthorChatter #priyasks

The author I’m interviewing today is ‘Ms. read-a-lot’. She is the creator of the characters, Maya and Hari whom I fondly call ‘Matahari’. I often wondered if there are any characteristics that she has in common with Maya or Hari. And she admits that Hari shares her sense of humor. Having penned 3 books, she also knows how to use a pencil to sketch beautiful portraits. … Continue reading Interview with Lavanya #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Natasha #AuthorChatter #priyasks

I had great fun interviewing today’s author, formally as well as informally. She is a typical Virgo, the perfectionist. If you invite her over for all gals’ PJ party, don’t forget to invite her pillow too. Make sure all the paintings of the house are perfectly angled before she arrives in her green ford ‘Fiesty Figgy’ ;). Today, the coolness quotient of my blog got … Continue reading Interview with Natasha #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Mahak #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Looking at my baby’s brooding looks and serious expression, I often found myself wondering ‘what on earth is he thinking?’. I was almost certain that he was this close to solve ‘global warming’ or would one day enlighten us about how the life began. After interviewing today’s author, I was delighted to know that I was not alone. Introducing… Mahak Wadhwani.  Mahak is a mom … Continue reading Interview with Mahak #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Kathakali #AuthorChatter #priyasks

I love talking to the intellectuals, you can learn so much from them. My author for the day is such an intellectual. I had a great time talking to her about the universe and beyond. We could have had the interview in German or Sanskrit, pity I know neither. Allow me to introduce Kathakali Mukherjee, the author of the book “Love in the Battleground”. Kathakali … Continue reading Interview with Kathakali #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Sitharaam #AuthorChatter #priyasks

I take immense pleasure in interviewing the author of the day. There is something about the title of the book which I find intriguing. So when I was presented with an opportunity to interview Sitharam Jayakumar, I grabbed it. He is the author of ‘Eighty hours to save Karen’. He is an Information Technology professional who started writing when a friend who was impressed by his versatile language urged … Continue reading Interview with Sitharaam #AuthorChatter #priyasks