“Don’t touch it, Kira. There lies a portal beyond the mirror… a realm to another world”. The clairvoyant whispered in my ears. Despite the warning, I held the mirror in my trembling hands. All I saw was a pale reflection questioning my existence. “What do you really see- a victim or a culprit”, it urged me to answer honestly. I peered closely… the mirror reflected … Continue reading Reflection

Interview with Priya #anshuasks

Originally posted on Anshu Bhojnagarwala:
Today’s author holds a variety of talents and interests just like the variety of stories she has written. She can lift one eyebrow that can even give her namesake Priya Varrier a run for her money. She is shy but can talk nineteen to the dozen in the presence of the people she is comfortable with. She has hydrophobia, but learnt… Continue reading Interview with Priya #anshuasks

Interview with Anshu #priyasks

The author of the day is Ms. Know-it-all powered with a great memory. She is social, a chatterbox who can talk to anyone and everyone. She is known as someone who speaks her mind. She knew that she was meant to be a story-teller when her best bed-time stories as a child were the ones she made up herself. And she could barely read then. She would just let her … Continue reading Interview with Anshu #priyasks

Interview with Roma #priyasks

Her exuberance is what makes today’s author different from the others. She is the warmest person I met virtually. She loves to love and loves to smile. The tougher the life becomes the broader she smiles. She can impress you with her Bharatnatyam steps and her swimming strokes, equally. The biggest weapon in her kitty is her ability to read faces.  She is an unbalanced Libra … Continue reading Interview with Roma #priyasks

Interview with Nidhi #priyasks

The author of the day is a food scientist turned data scientist, a homemaker, and full-time storyteller. She lives her life to the fullest.  She believes that she is a vampire who loves rains and works more efficiently at night.  She is a woman who exudes confidence and is passionate about learning new skills, dancing, designing furniture, playing tennis, and above all shopping. Let us now meet … Continue reading Interview with Nidhi #priyasks

Interview with Sona #priyasks

The author whom I interview today is extremely polite, sensitive, and camera shy.  She loves to sing in the kitchen as she brews her coffee. While sipping the aromatic beverage, she enjoys listening to Hindustani classical. She is fascinated by different cultures, hence it is not a surprise that she wants to learn different languages. She is also keen to learn new dance styles like the salsa, … Continue reading Interview with Sona #priyasks

Tina’s Review of my book´Murder in the Palace and Other Short Stories´

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Priya U Bajpai´s debut book ´Murder in the Palace and Other Short Stories´ is a shining testimony of her expertise and calibre in the writing craft. At no juncture did I feel that I was reading a book written by a novice. She writes with the panache of a seasoned writer who´s well-versed in multiple genres of writing. What remains… Continue reading Tina’s Review of my book´Murder in the Palace and Other Short Stories´