PHOTO PROMPT © Nathan Sowers

“Don’t touch it, Kira. There lies a portal beyond the mirror… a realm to another world”. The clairvoyant whispered in my ears.

Despite the warning, I held the mirror in my trembling hands.

All I saw was a pale reflection questioning my existence. “What do you really see-
a victim or a culprit”, it urged me to answer honestly.

I peered closely… the mirror reflected my concavity, it showed how hollow I had become. The shadow that once was me still remains unwelcome.

I put the mirror on the ground and walked away… and the reflection smiled once again.

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers. You can read more stories based on this prompt here.  

40 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. You’ve written a real conundrum. I wonder if the woman is a victim of “gaslighting”, a form of abuse where the abuser systematically sets out to destroy the self-esteem of their victim?


  2. This made me think of anorexia. Don’t know if that was your intention, but hollowness, pale, the trembling hand, shallowness all gave me that thought. Whatever her suffering is, I am glad she cast away the mirror that only made it worse. “The mirror reflected my concavity, it showed how hollow I had become.”Beautiful writing.

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