One gloomy night, she sees an image outside the window. The Image looks scary to her.

Startled, she covers her mouth and hides in a corner.

She doesn’t have the courage to look again.

On the other end of the dusty pane, an equally terrified soul sits silently.

(c) 2018 Priya U Bajpai

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Picture: Pixabay

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36 thoughts on “Fear

    1. I’m sure she had her reasons. Maybe they both are one and the same & she is terrified of herself. Maybe they are scared of each other. maybe she is a little different in the other universe. Which interpretation do you like the most? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. There can be different interpretations to it. May be they are one and the same.. may be they both are scared of each other . Or may be the other person is a reflection or as you said figment of imagination. Take your pick😊
      Thanks, Neha


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