The Broken Watch


Five years old Trisha packs her big red bag. Humming a nursery rhyme, she keeps her treasures in the bag. In goes the seashells which she colored the previous day. Next, is her fluffy pillow’s turn, without which she never goes anywhere.

Finally, she takes out a broken watch from the bag and takes it in her tiny palm. She recalls the morning conversation with her mother. 

“Is it even functional?” Mom had asked when Trisha showed her the watch.

“Look! It’s going tick-tock… tick-tock.” She answered, moving her dress like a bell.

“Trisha, the watch is old.” Showing the scratches, her mother said.

“Ma! Baba is going to love it”, She insisted.

“Where did you get this from?” Mom frowned.

She had found it in the storeroom where she had found several treasures in the past.  But she wasn’t ready to give away her secret. Noticing the frown, Trisha knew that the conversation is not going to be in her favor, still, she had to try.

“I have to keep something for my Baba,” Trisha argued.

“No means no.” Her mother glared at her.

She reluctantly put the watch back in the drawer. Soon mamma got busy with her packing, Trisha sneaked into her parent’s bedroom, opened the drawer, tip-toed back to her room, and slipped the watch inside her bag.

Smiling triumphantly, Trisha wraps the watch in a crumbled red paper with her clumsy hands. Red is her grandfather’s favorite color too, just like her. She slips the watch in the pocket of her dress. She smiles again imagining how happy her grandfather is going to be. She fondly calls her grandfather ‘Baba’. When she is with her doting grandfather, she doesn’t need anyone else. Her Baba not only pampers her but also scolds her brother whenever he troubles her.

She can’t wait to see him. Despite hating road-trips which make her sick, she looks forward to this road trip.

They reach the destination after four excruciatingly long hours. As soon as the car stops, she jumps out. Taking out the watch from the pocket of dress, she runs inside “Baba! Baba”, she screams.

Her smile vanishes from her lips when she sees the house packed with strangers, all dressed in white. Why are so many people around? She wonders. That’s when she sees Baba lying on the floor. She sits down next to him, caresses his head, and says, “Baba. I have got a watch for you. Baba, please get up.” She keeps repeating, vainly.

The watch falls from her hand, right next to her baba’s wrist. The broken watch has stopped.

(c) 2018 Priya U Bajpai

Pic Courtesy: Pixabay

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22 thoughts on “The Broken Watch

  1. That brought a lump to my throat, Priya. So many emotions packed in this story – love for baba and his loss. I loved my babaji too and cried for days on end when he passed away. This story reminded me of that day when I got a call that my babaji was no more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a true story. I was 3 years old when my grandfather passed away. I insisted on taking a chipped God idol for him.
      I cried buckets writing this as I was quite attached to him. I don’t remember much.. all I remember is his love. His death affected me to the core.
      I am sorry for your loss, Anshu. Hugs.
      Thanks for commenting. somehow your comment landed in spam.


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