The Clue


A month ago, my husband went missing. I kept asking everyone if they had seen him. I asked everyone for the help. They didn’t help me. I didn’t blame them. They didn’t know how to help, where to look. But it hurt me when they shut the doors on my face.

He had been there in front of their eyes, all along. Like the invisible gorilla, he had been there, all this while. Nobody checked the car in the abandoned park, it had been there forever

Who would have thought? I killed him with a wrench, in the park.


Written for Friday Fictioneer

43 thoughts on “The Clue

  1. I had to look up invisible gorilla: its been a long time since I took psych. Seems like she is definitely trying to play the part of the distraught and grieving wife, to fool the authorities. Guess no one goes to the park anymore!

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