The Yellow Car

Prompt for this week’s #TellTaleThursday- use the lines of the song Hotel California by The Eagles.

Photo by Jordan Lomibao on Unsplash


The Yellow Car

The song ‘Hotel California’ was playing in the yellow car. It was one of those songs which uplift the mood. Nuri knew the lyrics and just couldn’t resist. Rolling down the window, she sang the song.  The fragrance of the countryside was divine. She loved going on road trips. It gave her time to reflect on life and make the right decisions.

She saw a boy on the road requesting for a lift. She weighed her options- stop or not to stop. The road was deserted. She took pity and stopped.

The boy came to the car’s window. “Do you mind giving me a lift?” He requested with a puppy face.

“What are you doing here in the middle of nowhere?” Nuri asked.

“My friend and I were going to Goa in her car. We had a tiff and she threw me out.” He explained.

“Wow! And you call her a friend” She exclaimed and added, “Hop in!”

Happily, the boy jumped inside the car. “Oo.. it’s my favorite song..” He said and started singing, “In the master’s chambers. They gathered for the feast. They stab it with their steely knives.”

Nuri smiled and sang along “But they just can’t kill the beast”.

As the car moved ahead, the boot of the car swung open. A blue mist entered the car through the open window, while the last line of the song played in the background “You can never leave”.


2 thoughts on “The Yellow Car

  1. You should never give a lift to strangers. Specially when a girl is travelling alone. What was the blue mist that came out of the boot? Was it toxic gas?


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