The Ghostly Hand#TellTaleThursday

Prompt for this week is the picture given below. Weave a story, and share the link-

Warning- This story has a paranormal plot. Reader’s discretion is advised. 



The Ghostly hand


Ah! In the middle of the night, I woke up sweating. I took a moment before it dawned on me that I was in a hotel room. I needed to pee so bad.

As soon as I turned on the light, I noticed a silhouette of a hand. It appeared out of nowhere on the glass pane. The hand looked skinny and ghostly. The emaciated ghost!

Swallowing the saliva, I took a few steps towards the washroom. I chanted the mantras that my mom had taught me- I hoped God won’t mind if I was pronouncing the words incorrectly. My throat was parched, but I kept chanting the mantras. The hand didn’t disappear. It was there waiting for me. What option did I have? I picked my walking stick in my hand, ready to hit it.

In my anxiety, I didn’t notice a slipper kept on the floor. I tripped and fell on the floor, I hit my head. I heard a peal of evil laughter before losing consciousness.

I stayed unconsciousness for a long time. I woke up to find myself in a hospital ward. I tried telling the nurse about the ghost, but she said that I was hallucinating as I had hit my head pretty bad. Perhaps, she is right. I thought. Just then my phone beeped with a new picture notification.

I opened the picture- it was me in that hotel room- after hitting my head on the floor lying in a pool of water. Or was it my own pee? I shook like a leaf when I realized that the picture was taken from the washroom.


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