The Wish #TellTaleThursday

Prompt for this week: You make a wish at midnight and it comes true. Weave a story, and share the link.

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The Wish

In the intense gloomy darkness, as the dying candle flickered – my heart was filled with dread. It was hard to tell what was darker- the night or my life? It was my birthday, today. The entire day was spent waiting for that one call. While my facebook wall and WhatsApp was inundated with messages, not even a single soul made a call or visited me.

As the tears rolled on my cheeks, I realized that I had the last few seconds to make that wish. What could I wish for? Except for companionship. And I wished for someone to love me unconditionally. And I blew the candle softly. I wasn’t sure if I really blew it, or it died on its own. But I curdled in the blanket, the only respite for my cold heart.

the next day I received an email from my x-boyfriend. “Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Wish we were together.”

Did my wish come true? It was worth a try. And with that I dialed the number, I knew too well, by heart.



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2 thoughts on “The Wish #TellTaleThursday

  1. That was very poignant…and so so true. We are inundated with messages on FB and Twitter from long lost aquaintances, while people who matter to us don’t even pick up the phone to call. Glad her ex-boyfriend called and hope they can pick up from there.

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