The Forgiveness #TellTaleThursday

Prompt for this week: Write a story on the image given below. Weave a story, and share the link.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


The Forgiveness


His wrinkled hands joined together, but his eyes didn’t dare to look into mine. This was the day, I had waited for. But now, it felt useless, this whole charade of forgiveness. How did it matter anyway? That boat sailed … long ago. I couldn’t forgive him anymore. His pitiful eyes didn’t evoke any feelings in me. His genuine tears didn’t move me. I had waited my entire life for this apology. However, it didn’t give me the kick I thought it would give me.

Pulling his chin up, I asked, “Do you mean it? Have you ever tried to reach me to apologize ?”

He wiped his face. And looked at his hand – smeared with his sweat, tears, and blood.

He stammered, ” I… I didn’t know that you existed… son.”

I scoffed, “What right do you have to call me your son?” And I looked in his eyes, they were the same color as mine, auburn colored.

Pulling out an old picture I showed him- it was him, all those years ago, holding me in his arms. I didn’t need to tell him that he lied to me. Shame was shining in his eyes.

I didn’t wait for an answer and drove off, leaving him alone, crying in the middle of the jungle.



In the month of July, we are taking a break from #TellTaleThursday. We’ll resume in August. 

Feel free to write on the prompt. You can share the links in the comment section. We promise to read it. There is no word limit.

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