Photo by Natalie Chaney on Unsplash



Ma… it is a beautiful word, and I’m sure you are as beautiful as this word is. Do you look like the woman I see in my dreams? You sing to me lullabies in your soft and tender voice. I love it when you caress me, so gently and affectionately. I want to be in your arms soon.


It’s just a matter of another 6 months. You know what I want to be like when I grow up? I
want to be like you, yes I know that I’m a girl. I heard them talking. But they don’t want me, do they? They don’t want a girl. Is it going to be the last day of my life, Ma?


Why are you running, Ma? I can’t sleep when you run. It’s so early. It still looks dark outside. It’s just you and me. from now on, is this how it is going to be like. Just you and me… forever and always.
Happy mother’s day to the best Mom in the world. Thank you, Ma.

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