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Rules are simple-

  • Write a story, complete in itself.
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A situation prompt- A secret place at your home, you didn’t know about. Write about the mysterious room. What do you think will you find there? As always, write bold, write unusual! Have Fun!

The Trapdoor


pic credit pixabay

“Isn’t our home lovely?”Clapping her hands, Lisa excitedly exclaimed.

Daniel nodded in agreement. He was happy that they finally managed to buy a fully furnished house in Giverny, France. A home they always dreamt about.

A month later, Daniel moved the heavy coffee table to replace the old rug with a new one. They were surprised to find a trapdoor under it. Turning on the flashlight of their mobiles, they carefully stepped down the spiral staircase, which led them to a dark room.

They noticed a painting in the room.

“What a stupid painting!” Daniel exclaimed.

Lisa laughed and replied, “Darling, that looks like a Claude Monet to me. Do you realize what it means, if it is an original Monet?” She asked.

“What?” Looking at his art-connoisseur wife, he asked.

“That we will be millionaires.” Singing she high fived with him. They broke into an impromptu jig, that’s when they noticed a chest at the other end of the room.

They ran to the chest in anticipation. Daniel tried to open it, but when it didn’t budge, he picked the crow-bar lying next to it. When he opened the chest, the sound reverberated in the room and the blood drained from their faces.

A mutilated dead body lay there.

“God! Do you realize what it means? We are in big trouble.” Dropping the crowbar, Daniel announced as he shook like a leaf.


  1. BellyBytes says:

    All that glitters is not gold . What an unexpected twist …kept the pace till the end

  2. geekanika says:

    karma deals a balanced hand I see 😉 Nice one priya!

  3. Nobbinmaug says:

    That’s a killer ending.

  4. Oh my, just when they were doing their little happy dance! Priya, this one is so interesting, I could actually imagine it in front of me.

  5. Abhijit Ray says:

    Excitement and fear two emotions one after another. They could have taken the Monet and ignored the body in the chest. Do I have to tell them everything?

  6. Meena says:

    Well! they will just have to give up their Monet, if they go the police. But, what if they don’t?

  7. Akshata Ram says:

    The ending left chills in my spine

  8. What a creepy ending!!

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