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Red & Green

I’m an alchemist, I love color. Holi is my favorite festival. The colors everywhere… the yellows, reds, greens. The usual colors which have the fragrance of childhood. My favorite riddle as a child was “what smells like green paint, but is blue in color”. I asked random people. Mostly they gave random answers. They had no clue. She was new in my neighborhood, I asked her, with a chuckle and without a pause, she replied “blue paint”. I fell in love with her that very moment, not because of the correct answer, but because of her chuckle, it rang in my ears.
As we grew up, I grew madly in love with her. However, it remained unrequited. I hoped one day, someday she would love me back. The day I change the stone into gold, she would love me.
I immersed myself in work, alchemy. It became my second love. It’s an amazing feeling to be powerful enough to do what no one else can. Like changing the color with chemicals. I discovered a new chemical and changed red to green.
It’s holi today. Like every year, I visited her. ‘Let’s play some holi with her’, I thought. But she was with someone else. I could not take anymore.
I came out of her place. I love the colors on their faces- so vibrant. My face on the other hand was covered with only one color- green. And so were my hand and my clothes. Isn’t this the best festival?

© 2019 Priya U Bajpai


  1. Akshata Ram says:

    what did he do to her? This sounded scary , the suspense was well built up.

  2. Nobbinmaug says:

    That’s why you never trust an alchemist. Anyone who thinks they can turn iron to gold is crazy.

  3. Oh this one is good.. Embolism.. Green with envy.. But curious to know what he did to himself

  4. Abhijit Ray says:

    Colors of holi are great. It is a festival of great equalisation. Alchemist makes new chemicals by mixing two different chemicals. Holi does the same by applying color/s on a person. A nice post.

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