The Treasure Hunt

The bell rang. Ravi was punctual, as always. Sheena opened the door, singing, “Happy birthday, stranger!” Without wasting a second, he took her in his arms. “umm…not so fast”, she slipped out of his arms. “A surprise is waiting for you.” “Argh! not again” He uttered as she slipped a piece of paper in his hand. It read- “I see you look little queasy. clue … Continue reading The Treasure Hunt

The Voice

Warning: This story has a paranormal plot. Reader’s discretion is advised. She heard the disembodied voice calling her name. The question resurfaced Am I going insane? The Sound of heavy breathing resonated amidst silence. A sigh escaped her lips and an echo returned with a distinctly familiar fragrance. The fragrance which she has breathed before- When? Where? She couldn’t recall. The pain in the voice … Continue reading The Voice

Come away with me…

Please play the music before you start reading the story.  The moon enveloped the sky with its light and cast a spotlight through the window into the house. The couple swayed to the music under the natural spotlight. Immersed in each other’s arms, they were oblivious to the world. The song played softly in the background. Inhaling her intoxicating breaths, Ravi whispered “Happy anniversary, my love!” … Continue reading Come away with me…


“Don’t touch it, Kira. There lies a portal beyond the mirror… a realm to another world”. The clairvoyant whispered in my ears. Despite the warning, I held the mirror in my trembling hands. All I saw was a pale reflection questioning my existence. “What do you really see- a victim or a culprit”, it urged me to answer honestly. I peered closely… the mirror reflected … Continue reading Reflection