A Bewildering Murder Case

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(Remember that initials of the character’s names are same as the relationship with the victim. )


Anna – Detective

Vini- Victim

Divya- Daughter

Sameer- Stepson

Farhan- Fiancé

Sia- Sister

Anna, the detective, reached the crime scene- Vini’s condo. Anna found a note in one of the drawers which read- “The plan is off. I will contact you later.” Anna put the letter in the plastic zip bag, sealed, and marked it. Spotting a bloody footprint, she signaled the forensics to take the blood and footprint sample.

Anna moved to the living room, Vini’s body was on the floor facing the ground. Anna studied the wound on the back. “Stab wounds”, she declared. Anna noticed a flower pot in the corner. She found a key,  labled ‘D’, inside the pot. Anna stealthily grabbed it and slid into her pocket.

She left the crime scene and met Sia, Vini’s sister. Anna asked Sia about her alibi. She answered that she was with Farhan (victim’s fiance), partying till wee hours.

Anna enquired, “Who do you suspect?”

Sia took a long pause before answering- “There may be several people- Sam- her stepson, Farhan-her fiancé, obviously can not murder… ”

Anna interrupted, “What do you mean, ‘obviously he can not’? Anyone can murder.”

Sia replied, “Well, he loved her too much. I think you should first talk to Divya, Vini’s daughter,  who lives next door.”

Next day, Anna went to Divya’s home. She rang the bell but there was no one. She tried the key she found at Vini’s house. The door got unlocked. She sneaked in and looked around for any clues. She noted size of shoe lying under the bed, picked the fingerprints from a used glass, and a few strands of hair from the hairbrush. She clicked her diary pages for handwriting sample.

Anna heard the door opening, and slid behind the couch. She heard someone coming into the room and sitting on the couch. It was Divya only. Her phone rang, to which Divya answered “Hello! yes… I just reached. I am tired… What did she say to you?… She owed you money? Why are you calling me? Ask her son…. Yes, you heard me… Her stepson, but she has left everything to him not me. So buzz off.”

Divya was clearly upset. After a while, Divya went to the washroom, finding the right moment Anna sneaked out.

Anna sent the samples to the forensic department. As she compared Divya’s handwriting sample with the note found at the victim’s place, she found match. She returned to Divya’s place for questioning. Divya opened the door with half a smile.

“What can I do for you, Anna?” Divya asked. Seeing the confusion on Anna’s face, Divya added-“yes, your reputation proceeds you.”

Anna smiled and started “Then let’s get to the point. Your alibi?”

”She was my mother. I don’t need an alibi”, Divya replied.

Judging Divya’s character, Anna concluded that Divya could be more likely to answer if Anna used charm rather than intimidation. “Yes, of course. These are routine questions, I need to fill in the system. So again, your alibi?”

Divya nodded and responded, “I was visiting a newspaper office as they ran my obituary, even without checking.”

Anna wondered “That’s strange. Why would anyone do that?”

Divya shrugged her shoulders and said, “What you gonna do!”

Strange as it was, Anna let it slide, “Hmm? Any leads?”

Divya responded “Sameer, her stepson. And Farhan, who was more than a friend.”

“What plan did you make with your mother?” Anna noticed that the question made Divya uncomfortable.

She stuttered “umm.. just.. a .. dinner plan.. nothing much to it”.

“How do you know?” Divya asked.

Anna replied “sources”.

“Last question. Sameer got all the property. Does it bother you?” Anna used no sugar coating this time.

Divya laughed it off and said, “I don’t care.”

Anna stood up to leave and remarked, “I think you do.”

Anna met Farhan who responded that he was with Sia. He pulled out his driving license to show that it was his birthday, when Vini was murdered. He also showed pictures of the party.

Anna found it strange that he partied with Sia, but Vini whom he claimed to love was not present. Anna asked him about it, to which he replied “Yes. She was supposed to come. She didn’t turn up. We had a terrible fight a night before”, he answered.

“Of, course!” Anna said and tried to appear convinced.

“About what?” She asked.

Farhan stated, “It’s private!”

Anna smirked and replied, “There is nothing private in a murder case. What was it about?”

Farhan replied, “Since we follow different religions. I wanted her to change her religion. I opined that the family can have only one religion. She replied that she would rather not get married. It was an ugly fight. She almost called off the wedding. She didn’t call me to wish on my birthday. I realized my mistake, but it was too late”. Fahran started sobbing. And after consoling him, Anna left.

Anna met Sameer. He claimed “I was with Farhan. And I don’t think there are any more suspects. Vini had been married twice. First ex-husband lives in UAE. The other one is dead, so he can’t be the murderer. Can he?”

Anna flinched at his dark humor.

“Did you get Vini’s sign the property papers”, Anna asked.

Sameer smiled without answering the question.

“You can be jailed for it?” Anna warned.

 Sameer again smiled without providing any other explanations.

Anna knew it was her cue to leave as he wasn’t going to give her any satisfactory answers.

Anna sat puzzled as everyone had a motive to commit the murder. Sia clearly liked Farhan, who was in love with Vini. They were soon to be engaged. Farhan and Vini had a fight a day before, and Vini almost called off the marriage. Sameer had forged Vini’s signatures on the property papers. Vini might have learned about it and confronted him. Divya was clearly upset that her mother had given everything to Sameer.

Who Do you think is the murder? Take a moment to think and then scroll down.

Anna had an epiphany and she drove to Sia’s home.

As soon as Sia opened the door, Anna charged “You don’t suspect Farhan, why?.”

Sia’s facial expressions changed as Anna spoke those words. “Umm.. I didn’t think he could.. he .. he loved her very much.”

Anna said calmly, “Or maybe you do. You love him.”

Sia screeched, “No. I do not.”

Raising her voice, Anna accused Sia, “Of course you do! You love him. And that’s why you plotted your sister’s murder. How could you? How could you, Sia?”

Finally, Sia broke down and confessed ““No. I did not plan anything… I didn’t want to kill her… I was upset about their relationship. I loved Farhan, and he didn’t reciprocate. I thought if I could make Vini understand that I never had any love in my life. Vini had been married twice. She didn’t agree and asked me to leave. It all escalated and in a fit, I picked the knife and stabbed Vini. I ‘m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

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  1. shravmusings says:

    Nice gripping tale and good narration

  2. Enjoyed reading. Nice story.

  3. Geethica says:

    I have grown up watching CID series and I am a die-hard fan of detective series. You have written such a perfect murder mystery. I was glued till the end.
    Thank you for participating in the blog anniversary contest.

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