A Red Rose

Her Eyes
October 6, 2017
With Bated Breath and Whispering Humblenes…
October 12, 2017


“…haan?” And she again heard a voice calling her name. But as always there was no one. She questioned herself “Am I going insane?”. Her breathing resonated amidst silence. A sigh escaped her lungs and an echo returned with a fragrance, a distinct fragrance, a familiar fragrance. The fragrance which she has breathed before. She definitely knew that fragrant voice. She could sense a pain in that voice which reminded her of someone- just like the scar reminds of the wound. The voice that haunts her in her solitude, like the shadow of her body. She remembered what Saumya has once told her, “If you hear a voice calling out your name and there is no one around, then someone is missing you.”

Saumya was her soul mate. They were like alter ego of each other, a mirror image of each other. When she got separated from Saumya, initially, she never allowed herself to think about her. But a few months later after the fateful day, she started feeding her nostalgia by going to the places where they used to go together, reading her slam book, reading the e-mails which Saumya had sent to her. Now after 5 years she is trying to forget her. She reminisced her first meeting with Saumya. They met in a card shop falling for a friendship day card which both wanted to buy for their friend. Incidentally there was just one piece left, and unhesitatingly Saumya let Ria buy it. The mutual admiration for each other paved the way for their friendship. Later Ria gave the same card to Saumya. With a red rose inside, and a piece of poem “For the fragrance of love you spread around. For the sweetness your tongue’s taste buds hold… for the beauty in your eyes… you personify Real Red Rose”! And that was the first time that Saumya learned that Ria composes poetry. After that, as the rose dried their friendship blossomed. One day all this came to an end, an abrupt, heart wrenching end. And trying not to think about Saumya, Ria scribbled something…it’s half past1… Saumya, I don’t miss you. And laughing at the irony of this sentence, she kept her diary under her pillow and closed her wet eyes to sleep.

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  1. A sad story about the end of a friendship. Life can be cruel sometimes

  2. Geeta Nair says:

    A heart touching story. Life is unpredictable. Loved those lines that Riya penned for Saumya. 🙂

  3. oh !! That’s a sad story. So heart-wrenching.

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