An Open Letter to My Son

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February 28, 2018
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March 5, 2018

Dear Son,

A few days ago you turned 9. You are a tween now. You are stronger, older, wiser and more powerful. And as our favorite spider-man quote goes “with great power comes great responsibility”. I hope now you understand the meaning of power and responsibility. As we grow older and wiser our responsibilities increase. And today I believe the time has come when I can give you few wisdom nuggets which you are old and mature enough to begin to understand. This is not to put too much pressure on you, love. But we ought to be responsible towards animals, our surroundings, earth and towards people.

We all are equal, I want you to always remember that you are no better than anybody and nobody is better than you. When you were born, I was elated, everyone around us were happy, and few people were happy because you were born with xy chromosome. To tell you honestly it kind of irked me. But when I see you treating everyone the same while I see some kids making fun of others, you never do that and it makes me really proud of you. I love that you don’t judge or discriminate people on the basic of their caste, gender, skin color, their looks. You treat them all the same, and I have seen you being little more compassionate towards people who are little less privileged than you.

As you grow older you will have more roles to play, right now you are a son, a grandson and a friend. As you grow older you will have a wife and may be a daughter. Probably I wouldn’t have to write to you a letter, had you had a younger sister. I want you to understand how important it is to be respectful towards everyone- your friend, younger siblings, your wife, your kids. I love how you open the door of the car for me every single time. I feel extremely proud when you do that. It’s not that I can’t open the door for myself, but I appreciate basic chivalry and you understand that. It is important to hold the door for the next person- not just the lady, or elderly people- but for everyone. Little gestures of kindness go a long way. You always had it in you- even when you were a tiny kid. I remember so vividly, once a man was juggling with few heavy boxes, and you helped him in keeping them inside an elevator. We only make the world a nicer place by being nice to that stranger, who dropped his lunch box lid on the ground, and would have to take efforts to get off his bike so pick his lid for him. We only make the world a little better when we hold the door a second longer for that stranger who is holding a popcorn in one hand and a drink can in the other. A chivalrous person extends his chivalry not just for his mother, or the lady love but to anyone who needs, anyone whom we can help. Your father is role model there. He is a thorough gentleman. Follow his footsteps!

Be respectful towards women in your life- i know this one you are still young to understand but always remember ‘no means no’. When a woman says no, accept it. This is the most important thing which I want you to remember always. A true gentleman make the people around him comfortable. It’s your duty to be responsible. Offer your friend to drive her home, when it’s late night. Stand up for a lady when she is being targeted by men.

Happy women’s Day son! You make me proud 🙂


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