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March 3, 2018
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March 16, 2018
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As the Sun rises on 3018, the premier leaders (all female) of 180 planets of the universe congregate at Sayuri Jima off erstwhile Japan. While they bask in the first ray of the dawning Sun, they plan their mission ‘Alpha’ to stop males from waging war at one another’s planets. It is ironical that all the peace talk is happening on Earth- a planet which has witnessed most bloodshed in the history of any planets’ civilization. In the last world war (V), the Terrans had almost destroyed their own planet. It wiped out most of the population, and inhabitants had to start from the scratch. The population of Earth is barely 1 million now. Terrans, however, have built a safe environment with the help of Sionicians, Ardians and Rognarians-strong allies of Terrans. It has reclaimed its old beauty and charm. It is now the most coveted destination for research of natural resources. No wonder most of the other planets are keen to have a base at Earth.

The bigger reason for other planeters interest is that the Earth is on the verge of changing its alignment to a new star. Everybody is intrigued to see this miraculous celestial event. The Milky-way is experiencing cosmic paradigm shift, probably effects of a large black-hole engulfing everything around itself. Our own sun is dying abruptly, against the earlier held belief of its expected degeneration after another 2-3 billion years. This entire phenomenon of Sun’s death, and its replacement with a new star is no less than a miracle. The gravity of the Banon, nearest star which is expanding, may lead to a new solar system for Earth.

Kwakan stands totally taken by Earth’s beauty. She is completely mesmerized by Earth and Terrans. She is 50 % Terran, 25% Ardian and 25% Hephesus. Coming to Earth was her childhood dream, and reason for her becoming an astronaut. Finally, she is here- at the “mother Earth”, as her mother used to call it. Kwakan’s mother was 100% Terran. Yet she never could visit Earth after her father passed away in the world war-V. kwakan inhales deeply. She feels light as the oxygen seems pure here. While she enjoys Sun’s UVB rays, her friend Tanya from Earth calls out “Kwakan! do you wanna see something?” Kwakan replies in affirmative, as her rainbow eyes glitter even more on this planet. They have an hour before the convocation will start. All the counterparts from other planets have retired to their respective rooms. Tanya takes Kwakan to her spaceship. The ship takes off as soon as they step inside. Kwakan sits by the window, trying to capture everything- “how can one planet be so blessed with all the natural beauty of the universe?”. She looks out of the window without blinking, admiring every slope of mountains, every bend of streams, every hue of flowers. For once, she is grateful for her eidetic memory. She can replay her memories anytime she wants. Not before long, the spaceship hovers in what seems like a dark alley to Kwakan.

As they step out, Tanya teleports a beautiful shamiyana and exclaims, “look towards North-East!”. Kwakan doesn’t know what to expect. She has seen more in the last 2 hours than she has ever seen in her life. Although she has touched her grandmother’s memory once, to experience it first-hand was no match for that feeling. Kwakan gazes without knowing what she is looking for until she notices a small star making its way to the far horizon. It is the first ever ‘Banon-rise’ on Earth. It is so beautiful to see a small star challenging the old star’s throne. The view is breath-taking. She has been to Jupiter once and has witnessed its multiple moons, however seeing the birth of a new star was something most cannot even fathom in their dreams. Banon looks like a small ball inside the kaleidoscope. It is as if Banon is still making up its mind to choose from the plethora of colors the creator has to offer. Seeing tiny yet growing Banon, she realizes if a small new star like Banon can challenge the mighty Sun, so can anyone if put one’s mind, soul, and heart to achieve anything. At that moment Kwakan decides “I will not allow it to happen! I will not allow them to use this planet as their science project”. She promises herself while basking under the rays of dawning Banon, to not let anybody rule this planet ever again.

This post is for the #WomensDayBlogParty contest. Thank you so much hosts for giving the wonderful sci-fi prompt. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece.
I thank Haritha for introducing me. You can read her awesome post here – mylittlediary
I take immense pleasure in introducing my friend Megna. She likes to read, write and interact with people. She is a doting mother of a cute little boy. You can read her take on this challenge here- Megna


  1. mammaspeaks says:

    Nice attempt, Priya. What imagination!! Where did you come up with these names – kwakan, ardian, hephesus.. My my I am impressed.

  2. Beautiful. Just splendid. How evocative is every word and every sentence. This is a world I would love to wake up to. Just splendid work my dear.
    Thank you for joining us in this #WomensDayBlogparty

  3. purpledreams says: made me feel like I’m already in 2030!! Brilliant ✌️

  4. Rashmi says:

    What an imagination.. so gripping, loved going through it.

  5. thehappyamma says:

    Its so creative that i could step in the world ! Great work ❤️

  6. Misha says:

    wwooaaahh!! it literally felt for a moment i am standing right there.. kuddos yaa

  7. Aesha says:

    Priya!!!!! Wonderful! I was waiting for you to write on the fiction prompt. Keep writing for your readers !!!

  8. How creative you are… You are a wonderful blogger. 😍😘😘

  9. […] I m introducing my friend priya. She is from Mumbai. She is a mother of 9 year old boy. You can read her post here […]

  10. Lavanya says:

    This is brilliant! The birth of a new star…, that’s an unexpected take. Nicely done.

  11. Lovely piece of fiction. You should write sci fi more often your writing style suits it.

  12. The names just held me in sci-fi 😎. Not a sci-fi person but the world unfolded just beautifully through your words.

  13. Sonam says:

    Wow!! You are so imaginative, and what an amazing write up I literally feel that all the characters really exist… You ‘re too good..

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