Oseye- Archaic world II

Find the first installment here- An Archaic world Year 2000 AD Location: Egypt Oseye was the greatest queen of ancient Egypt, but not the best known. She didn’t build huge palaces or pyramids but devoted her life to working for the betterment of her people. In spite of being a strong leader of a powerful kingdom, she never attacked any other kingdom. In fact, the respect … Continue reading Oseye- Archaic world II


  A Physician says intellectually, “Love is a harmonic disorder, symptoms of a fatal disease. You lose your appetite, spend sleepless nights.” A priest replies prophetically: “Only love I know, is to love the God. Sing some soulful hymn, believe He will love you always” A young girl cries emotionally, “is no such thing I believe, Love is unreal, an illusion. It’s fragile and frivolous, … Continue reading Love

Jigsaw Puzzle

It was Ari’s Birthday. She didn’t have a family. Ever since she recollected, she was solitary. She grew up in foster homes which she loathed. She graduated, without any friends. So when she got a courier, she didn’t know who would send it to her. She took the parcel from the distribution boy. She probed for the recipient’s name- anonymous. The parcel was wrapped in … Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzle


She wasn’t the typical cake-faced Geisha. Kira was the most enigmatic, mysterious woman. She was ethereal, self-educated and interested to learn about the world. Her mellifluous voice was the gift from God. She was born to the Geisha of Oari, the most popular Geisha of her time, who was abandoned by her Danna. Mother could never recover from the rejection and spent her life in … Continue reading Geisha

Falling Teardrop…

It is in her black fragile nostalgic vulnerable eyes. A teardrop originates, while she waits for the billet-doux from her beau. With the resonance of reminiscence, residing on pupil, a droplet of tear  escapes  the lashes, rolls down her cheeks and kisses her lips,  flowing, and  falling  into the rivulet-forming not a real oasis but a deceptive mirage, tranquility  lost  some- where…..only hope shines softly … Continue reading Falling Teardrop…


  It’s Anna’s eighteenth birthday. Our gang decides to go to Icebar, a pub famous amongst youngsters for its music and the crowd. After a struggle to find a place for ourselves, we foursome settle at a corner. As our group shouts and screams order for our drinks, I see him in a group of boys. From that moment, everything started moving in slow motion. … Continue reading Crush