1 Nov 2018 #TellTaleThursday

With this post,  TTT completes a month. It is a festival time, so what better prompt than about the festival of lights.  The rules are simple: Write a story, complete in itself. Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Copy and paste your Story URL to the inLinkz list. The story should be up to 250 words. Add this line < #TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya > … Continue reading 1 Nov 2018 #TellTaleThursday


“Don’t touch it, Kira. There lies a portal beyond the mirror… a realm to another world”. The clairvoyant whispered in my ears. Despite the warning, I held the mirror in my trembling hands. All I saw was a pale reflection questioning my existence. “What do you really see- a victim or a culprit”, it urged me to answer honestly. I peered closely… the mirror reflected … Continue reading Reflection