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A Physician says intellectually,
“Love is a harmonic disorder,
symptoms of a fatal disease.
You lose your appetite,
spend sleepless nights.”

A priest replies prophetically:
“Only love I know,
is to love the God.
Sing some soulful hymn,
believe He will love you always”

A young girl cries emotionally,
“is no such thing I believe,
Love is unreal, an illusion.
It’s fragile and frivolous,
completely waste of time.

The mother replies calmly-
“Do your best for the humanity.
To serve the poor is
to love the Almighty.
Love is to love
everyone you meet.”


Picture courtesy: Pixabay

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Falling Teardrop…

eyes. A teardrop
originates, while she
waits for the billet-doux
from her beau. With the
resonance of reminiscence,
residing on pupil, a droplet of
tear  escapes  the lashes, rolls
down her cheeks and kisses her
lips,  flowing, and  falling  into
the rivulet-forming not a real
oasis but a deceptive mirage,
tranquility  lost  some-
where…..only hope
shines softly in
her eyes

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eye-716008_1920 (1).jpg

Childhood innocence, still alive,
reflects in mysterious black eyes.
Black pearls gleam on the surface,
tiny white rivers flow rhythmically.

When these eyes mystify-
the autumn evaporates, spring arrives.
When these get crimsoned as burning coal-
can extract a pearl of tear from your eyes.

When an infectious smile shines across the edge-
spirit transcends and life rejuvenates.
A crystal in her pendant monochromatic,
while the colors of life, her eyes readily pledge.

These eyes silently mesmerize
and dream flows under the lashes,
like future floats in a cryptic crystal
and exhibits the peace of paradise.


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One More

One more tune
One more song
One last melody
Before the dawn

One more prayer
One more wish
One last hug
Before goodbye kiss

One more sun
One more rain
One last rainbow
To endure this pain

One more laughter
One more whimper
One last smile
Before the last sigh

One more moment
One last dream
One more pebble
To ripple the stream

One more ray
One last light
One last hope
Before the twilight

One more touch
Few more words
For the last memory
Before the final solitude

One last rose
One more teardrop
One more footprint
Before my epitaph.



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I keep going on (a song)


Blurred memories of childhood

as I Walk down the  lane again

Feel the winter in my skin

Without a woolen coat

but with a warm heart

I keep going on…


The colors which now are smudged

Were once so bright and fresh

The fragrance  of the dried rose

my heart hasn’t forgotten yet

so I keep going on…


The taste of the early morning coffee

Still lingers on my taste-bud

The blurred memories which deny to go

They are here forever

I keep going on…


The people’s face so distinct then

Now appear so hazy and blurred

Under a small oak tree

As I feel the memory  again

I keep going on…


Sweet nothings still whisper in ears-

With little less resonance

Craving for the forbidden touch

Until the last words spoken

I keep going on…

they keep going on…