Interview with Natasha #AuthorChatter #priyasks

I had great fun interviewing today’s author, formally as well as informally. She is a typical Virgo, the perfectionist. If you invite her over for all gals’ PJ party, don’t forget to invite her pillow too. Make sure all the paintings of the house are perfectly angled before she arrives in her green ford ‘Fiesty Figgy’ ;). Today, the coolness quotient of my blog got … Continue reading Interview with Natasha #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Mahak #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Looking at my baby’s brooding looks and serious expression, I often found myself wondering ‘what on earth is he thinking?’. I was almost certain that he was this close to solve ‘global warming’ or would one day enlighten us about how the life began. After interviewing today’s author, I was delighted to know that I was not alone. Introducing… Mahak Wadhwani.  Mahak is a mom … Continue reading Interview with Mahak #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Kathakali #AuthorChatter #priyasks

I love talking to the intellectuals, you can learn so much from them. My author for the day is such an intellectual. I had a great time talking to her about the universe and beyond. We could have had the interview in German or Sanskrit, pity I know neither. Allow me to introduce Kathakali Mukherjee, the author of the book “Love in the Battleground”. Kathakali … Continue reading Interview with Kathakali #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Sitharaam #AuthorChatter #priyasks

I take immense pleasure in interviewing the author of the day. There is something about the title of the book which I find intriguing. So when I was presented with an opportunity to interview Sitharam Jayakumar, I grabbed it. He is the author of ‘Eighty hours to save Karen’. He is an Information Technology professional who started writing when a friend who was impressed by his versatile language urged … Continue reading Interview with Sitharaam #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Maheshwaran #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. So if you are an avid reader and you like to travel, then you are in for a surprise today.  I take immense pleasure in introducing Maheshwaran Jothi, author of Puglia: Hidden treasures of Italy. He believes one needn’t be rich to travel. His blog has practical details about traveling; including … Continue reading Interview with Maheshwaran #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Interview with Paresh #AuthorChatter #priyasks

If you like cricket, you are in for a treat. Because today I am interviewing Paresh Godhwani, the author of the book IPL-ology. Paresh is a bearded freelance writer, immature designer, marketer by qualification, novice social media influencer, an accountant in India’s top general insurance company and author of Six degrees, Life in Local Train and IPL-ology. Interviewing him was fun and informative at the same time. While … Continue reading Interview with Paresh #AuthorChatter #priyasks

Presenting #AuthorChatter

SuRpRiSe!!! We are hosting #AuthorChatter!! What is #AuthorChatter? #AuthorChatter is a joint effort by Ansu, Ashwini, and Yours Truly!! #AuthorChatter is a virtual tête-à-tête in an effort to know you and your recently published ebook. Ashwini’s Blog: Anshu’s Blog: We will send across around 10 curated questions about your new book as well as your journey as an author. Why should you sign up for … Continue reading Presenting #AuthorChatter

Book Review: The Cockatiel Confessions and Other Collected Works by Lavanya Srinivasan

Book Title: The Cockatiel Confessions and Other Collected Works Author: Lavanya Srinivasan Genre: Short stories About the Author: Lavanya is a chartered accountant by profession. I find her as adept with words as she would be with numbers. She is passionate about world mythology and fantasy tales. She has authored two fantasy thrillers: “Maya & the Mind Mystics” and “The God, The Girl & The Gem”. You can read … Continue reading Book Review: The Cockatiel Confessions and Other Collected Works by Lavanya Srinivasan

Book Review- ‘Bhumi’ by Tina Sequeria

            Book: Bhumi Author: Tina Sequeria Genre: Short Stories   Cover: Whoever said ‘never judge a book by its cover’ has not come across this book yet. For the longest time, I kept admiring the cover, it took me a while to get over it. About the Author: Tina Sequeira is an award-winning author and blogger. Bhumi is her second book, her … Continue reading Book Review- ‘Bhumi’ by Tina Sequeria