Death before birth

It's okay to be little disobedient…
October 16, 2017
Dream Ship: Journey through Life
October 27, 2017

I’m a fetus in my mother’s womb,
ready for my journey from cradle to tomb.
I’ll be beautiful like her,
cause I’m her first daughter.

just a wait of 6 months more
then I’ll be out of my mother’s core
Oh! How happy I’m! I’ll be born soon,

in a beautiful world with the sun and moon.

Ah! Whose voice is this? Is it a physician?
Telling my dad that it’s a maiden.
Why does my father frown?

Does he desire that I get drown?

What is this that I hear?
Is my death so near?
Is this really His world?
Will I die without uttering a word?

Have I committed any sin or crime?
My mother caresses me for the last time
she is crying and so am I.
No one hears her sob and sigh,

No one helped my mother in this strife.
God! Please make me her son in next life.
Don’t cry mother! Smile and let me go,
I’ll return to you, till then, Adieu!
I’m taking part in write tribe problogger challenge.

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  1. Oh that’s sad but also so heartbreakingly true. Lovely verses to elicit the pain and suffering of female foeticide

  2. I don’t understand how can people do such act. A girl child is a blessing. I always wished for a girl and God blessed me with one.

  3. Geeta Nair says:

    Poignant! Loved the way you’ve made the transition from joy to sorrow to hope.

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