Earth Rocks

The Frozen Tears
July 4, 2019
July 25, 2019

“Feeling sluggish, Terra? ” As I slowed down to leave my orbit, Venus asked.
“Signs of old age. My head is spinning. I can be selfish for a day; I have decided to rest today.” I blabbered.
“Age is just a number, sista. Besides, we are the same age, give or take a few million years. That’s like a few nanoseconds in human years…” Venus started.
“Don’t compare me with yourself. You are the hottest and the brightest planet. You are the Goddess of beauty.” I interjected.
“Terra, you have got a beautiful satellite. See I have none.” She twirled around as she spoke.
“So what? Saturn has 62 and Jupiter has 79.” I replied.
“Your one moon is better than all the others’ put together. It is one of the reasons you have life.” Venus said.
“I have slogged for a billion years to make life possible, I deserve a break. Besides, it won’t take these humans another thousand years to destroy life as they know it.” I said firmly.
“And it will take you just a few seconds to destroy life. Your efforts of billions of years will go to waste. Mars changes its speed all the time. I can slow down or stop if I want to. Nobody’s life depends on it. You are the mother. Don’t give up.” Venus argued.
She was right. I couldn’t falter. I am called mother earth, after all. God created me for a reason.
Just then I heard a husky voice.
“How you doing?” Mars asked.
“Hey, Redhead!”, Venus blushed brightly.
I felt like “the third planet” between them, which technically I was. They looked perfect with each other. As I sped up to catch up my regular speed, I heard Mars say, “I wish I have life someday. She rocks!”

What Would Happen if the Earth Stopped Turning?

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