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Cleopatra of Alexandria
December 23, 2019
April 5, 2021
S olve a murder mystery with Ahana in Murder in the Palace, see Tess’ Kaleidoscopic World come alive, visit Oseye’s Egyptian land in An Archaic World, travel through time with The Time Traveller, feel the chills of the paranormal in Neil’s Shoes, understand an artist’s perspective in Sunset or Sunrise, with Kwakan welcome a new star in Banon’s Conundrum, and unravel a historical mystery with A Holy Book.
Goya is a collection of stories of different worlds of imagination and emotions. The stories are like a rainbow – intangible, fictional, yet so real that you cannot shake the illusion. And just like a rainbow is a spectrum of varied hues, this book is a collection of 27 colorful stories, comprising a variety of perspectives and shades of life.

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